℞ for Sweet Dreams

Rx to Dream

I cherish nothing quite as much as I do a good night’s sleep. That’s why when sleep is disturbed by the ever-turning cogs of my mind, or meowing cats, or the bass of the restaurant below, it is essential that the situation be remedied a.s.a.p. In the past I’ve turned to ear plugs, melatonin, counting sheep – anything for a little shut eye. I’m also open, however, to sleep tapes. While I’m sure there are some actual clinically tested sleep tapes with soothing voices telling you to forget your troubles and just drift off, I’ve compiled a more interesting set of options to help send you on your way to dreamland. 


Marconi Union – Weightless

A British band by the name of Marconi Union has created what is said to be ‘the most relaxing song ever’. The band collaborated with sound therapists to arrange rhythms and bass lines that slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower the level of stress hormones. In fact – it’s so likely to induce sleep that it is not safe to listen to while driving. I have used this in the past, and can say that it most certainly does effectively relax and ready you for sweet dreams.


Late Night Tales – Jon Hopkins

Late Night Tales is a rad series of ‘artist curated compilation albums’. They invite  the coolest of artists to scour their music collections and put together the ultimate ‘late night selection’ of tunes. While they’re not necessarily meant to put you to sleep, they will definitely put you into a dreamy state of mind. The Jon Hopkins compilation is my personal favourite – it creates a very chill vibe and sets the mood for winkin, blinkin, and noddin. I highly recommend checking out all the amazing playlists Late Night Tales has to offer – a selection of beyond cool music across all genres.


Only Lovers Left Alive Soundtrack

If you’re looking to fall into a deep, deep sleep – so deep one might mistake you for a dozing member of the undead – then this soundtrack is for you. A mix of grunge guitar with Middle Eastern flare, this album is sure to put you into a trance-like slumber.


Dreaming with Jeff

Dreaming with JeffSource: consequenceofsound.files.wordpress.com

When I found out my one true love, my ultimate celebrity crush – Jeff Bridges – made a compilation of sleep tapes..well, I fell into a state of jubilant shock. Falling asleep to the low cooing of the Dude? What could be better?!?! For people like me, who would be far too excited to sleep upon hearing the soothing/sensuous sound of Jeff’s voice, these tapes will be less effective. But for those of you inexplicably immune to the charm of Mr. Bridges, I would definitely recommend giving these tapes a try. Plus, as an added bonus, the album is PWYC with 100% of the proceeds going directly to No Kid HungryDamnit Jeff – You’re perfect!!

~*~Bon soir, Dreamers~*~




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