The Rêve Head, founded by Andrea Pace, is a place where a mixed bag of culture vulture topics are blended into a dreamy soup of delight. It’s the culmination of many “a girl can dream” thoughts in one nicely packaged little blog…

-“Man I would pound the pavement harrrrd in those Prada leather zip-up sandals…a girl can dream”

-“Oh yes my invitation to the Academy Awards is waiting in the mail, as is the phone call from my date Jeff Bridges…a girl can dream”

-“Sorry, I wish I could join you, but I’ve already got plans to have drinks with my besties Rashida Jones, Mary-Kate Olsen and Lena Dunham…a girl can dream”

Andrea is a recent graduate of the Humber Business School’s Fashion Management & Promotions Post-Graduate Program in the glorious city of Toronto after finding her past education in Biology and Psychology just wasn’t going to fly. As she pursues her dream of entering the fashion industry please enjoy the many (and varied) thoughts and opinions that enter her mind along the way.


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One response to “ABOUT

  1. Good on your head, Girl…never stop dreaming!

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