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Sole Resurrection


Looking back over childhood photos, there are many outfits that I do not wish were still my size or present in my wardrobe. Such items include olive green harem-style pants with a matching olive green vest, and a white long-sleeved shirt with olive green polka dots. Another item that still baffles me to this day was my beloved purple velvet, shriner-style hat, covered in beads and gold-plated mini mirrors. These items have me wondering – what was I thinking?? However, certain items from my past, specifically my footwear, are making a powerful return to the scene. Any number of Tommy Ton Street Style photos from the most recent Fashion Weeks serve as proof that the shoes of our childhood (or at least mine) are experiencing a renaissance.  Continue reading


What Would Liz Do?


We’re very fortunate – we, the young women of today. We are lucky enough to be provided with an endless supply of extraordinary female heroes whose footsteps we want to follow. I am constantly seeking guidance in the documentaries, interviews, Instagram accounts, TV shows and films of my idols. I find I turn to Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Tina Fey just as much as I turn to Elle Woods, Frances Ha(lladay) and Carrie Bradshaw. While flesh ‘n blood figures offer you proof of a real-life trajectory to follow, fictional characters can illuminate life’s mysteries just as well. We see ourselves in these characters – we see them face issues within their daily lives, and we watch them overcome their challenges with creativity, grace and humour. One such character who will always hold a special place in my heart, who shares my traits (sense of humour/self-deprecation) and flaws (lack of grace/affinity for Cheetos), is Liz Lemon of 30 Rock Continue reading

Desperately Seeking LOLs


Despite what the forecast has predicted for this week – rain or shine – it is inevitably going to be gloomy. A couple of my dearest friends are going through what are sure to be the darkest days they’ll ever have to face – and to say that it isn’t breaking my heart would be an utter lie. In times of tragedy, I turn to comedy. I’m that ungraceful type of person who doesn’t always know the right thing to say. Instead I may crack a stupid joke to lighten a mood, or send a silly photo in the hopes of bringing a smile to a friend’s face. Perhaps this makes me juvenile, perhaps even inappropriate, but I think it just makes me human (in case you had any doubts). If you’re in need of a couple LOLs this week –  this is for you – I’m naming my Top 10 Most Hilarious TV Shows of All Time. Continue reading

℞ for Sweet Dreams

Rx to Dream

I cherish nothing quite as much as I do a good night’s sleep. That’s why when sleep is disturbed by the ever-turning cogs of my mind, or meowing cats, or the bass of the restaurant below, it is essential that the situation be remedied a.s.a.p. In the past I’ve turned to ear plugs, melatonin, counting sheep – anything for a little shut eye. I’m also open, however, to sleep tapes. While I’m sure there are some actual clinically tested sleep tapes with soothing voices telling you to forget your troubles and just drift off, I’ve compiled a more interesting set of options to help send you on your way to dreamland.  Continue reading

Cool Room Club


Since I was but a wee lass, I’ve always been obsessive about having a cool room. I’d spend my sleepovers scouring through Ikea catalogues, dreaming of a room with a loft bed, chalkboard walls, and a cocoon swing hanging from the ceiling. My childhood room’s cool factor was the beautiful cloud ceiling my talented mumsy painted for me. At one point I plastered my walls with Marc Jacobs advertisements – that was slightly cool, but didn’t stand the test of time. Now my room boasts some cool pieces – a ghost chair, a purple puffin, and some unique art – but it’s never a finished product. Now I troll the internet looking for the next *cool thing* to add to my personal oasis. Here are some dreamy ideas I’ve come across as of late. Continue reading

Rainy Daze


Precipitation got you down? Yeah, me too. Once May arrives things are just fine and dandy, but until then my excitement at the changing of seasons is kept to a minimum. This is because I know the transition from winter to spring is a messy one. At first things are great c/o daylight savings time allowing for mornings to be brighter, and the evenings to arrive a little later each passing day. However, during this rainy season, the day remains grey and gloomy from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. It takes all the effort in the world to keep from crawling back under the covers and waiting out the storm. Having said that, it may just take the right rubber-wear and a sweet playlist to turn dat frown upside down. Continue reading

Just Eat It: Cauliflower

CAULIFLOWERAs I was not raised particularly religiously – Veggie Tales was not a big part of my upbringing. I got my morals from my mama, and my love for veggies from Jamie Oliver. The ever-so-charming Brit had a show where he taught littler ones the benefits of healthy eating and of better acquainting themselves with all the vegetables of the rainbow. Ever since falling hook, line, and sinker for the Naked Chef’s healthy preachings I now view avocados as being aces, broccoli is my beloved and kale is king. As of late I’ve added a new and adaptable veggie to my liturgy. Continue reading

Style Guide: The Eccentric


The Fall/Winter 2015 Collections seemed to come and go in a flash. In actuality, an entire month and many different cities were involved as the many beautiful offerings for next year’s colder seasons were presented to the masses. Overall, I can say that without a doubt I liked what I saw. I can easily get on board with the trends that seem to be forming for FW 2015 – the goth girl, the boho girl, the sweetly prim girl, and the minimalist fabric-swathed girl – but my favourite look of all was the eccentric girl. Continue reading

Quirky Girl Tactics to Try


If you’re an offbeat kinda gal, with a witty sense of humour and knack for saying strange things, then your favourite films probably feature quirky leading ladies. You take notes while you watch movies such as Sixteen Candles to learn exactly what eccentric qualities Molly Ringwald possesses and that ultimately bag her the local hunk. These characters, whose quirkiness turn out to be their most prized possession and their best cool dude bait, inspire us – the unconventional – to put our eccentricities on display, never stifle our wackiness, and to always be ourselves. Here are some truly odd tactics that our favourite quirky girls have done.  Continue reading