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Final Countdown


Good afternoon fellow dreamers!

Today marks the beginning of the end….of my semester that is. The next 4 weeks are going to be rather chaotic, and unfortunately I won’t have the pleasure to indulge my time in these blog posts that I enjoy so much.

From now until April 24th I won’t be able to post as often. Henceforth, you (my lovely readers) can expect posts on Fridays, and MAYBE Tuesdays if time permits.

Post exams you can expect a more regular and full posting schedule. Not to worry, The Rêve Head shall persist.





It’s taking some time to adjust my way of thinking during this seasonal transition period. My brain has been wired for the last many months to focus on: CHUNKY KNITS. DOWN FILLED JACKETS. ELECTRIC BLANKET CLOTHING. In order to re-wire the old noggin’, I’m dreaming of what I want to wear this spring, whilst I frolic down the sun-saturated streets.

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Objet D’Art

George Condo + Kim


With spring fast (FASTER PLEASE) approaching, one must take pause and ruminate on what interesting trends might soon flood the stylish sidewalks of Metropolitan cities. I have been obsessing over the french phrase ‘objet d’art’ for almost a year now. I don’t exactly know why, but I just like the concept of pieces of interest, whether it be on a shelf, next to your stack of stylish coffee-table-toppers, or in the case of recent trends, on your designer accessories.

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Picnic Pout


With the snow melting, and the sun making its first attempt this year to SLIGHTLY warm the planet I am reminded that spring is on its way. And because I like to get ahead of myself, this means summer is close by as well.

Summer weather means light, airy clothes, and barely there makeup. Our skin is sun-kissed, so our faces are able to breath without formulas. Despite making a concerted effort to rock a ‘natural glow’ all summer long, I am happy to play around with lipstick pigments. Today I’m going to find the perfect lipstick to match the tint provided to your pout by some yummy, summer picnic treats.

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Scrapped, But Not Forgotten

Cancelled TV

There are a great many losses we experience over our lifetimes. We can lose out on small things in our lives and just completely come undone. I once lost my favourite coral, MAC lip moisturizer, and shed many a tear. A waste of salty sobs? Probably.

But there’s one thing in this world, that may not seem like a big deal, but I never quite recover from: The loss of a favourite television show.

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Fin de Semaine Best In Show


Weekend attire can go one of three ways:

  1. You’re in the mood to get all gussied up and perhaps paint the town red.
  2. You’re having a casual weekend, and a nice pair of jeans and cozy, chic sweater is all that you require to hit the flea and farmer’s markets.
  3. You’re taking full advantage of the end of the week to stay in, full on hermit style: same flannel, leggings, and cozy socks day after day.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to up the ante and sport this amazing look this weekend.

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Closet Raiders Wishlist


The blogosphere is ripe with infinite options to keep you entertained and distracted all day. There’s the good (The Man Repeller, The Rêve Head, The Click In Closet) and then there are the blogs that I’m sure are just fine, but not on my radar (How to Rewire Your Toaster, The Dog’s Breakfast, Pix of Wooden Stix)(Yes, I made these up). One of my very favourite blogs to peruse by far is The Coveteur. Continue reading

The Slowpoke Diaries


Y’knowwwww, I’m not one to shy away from physical exertion. Happy to hike, pleased to portage a canoe on my back, and bloody psyched to partake in a body combat class. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get on board with running. Continue reading

What Would Rory Do?


Sometimes everything in your life is just peachy keen. On a daily basis you’re able to declare, in a slightly dramatic, overly comedic manner (arms up in a broadway show kind of way), “EV-RY-THING’S COME-ING UP MIL-HOUSE!”. During these times the only person you have to look up to is yourself, because you’re awesome, and you’re just completely nailing it. Cheers to you, pat yourself on the back.

Other times you feel like Life has you in a headlock, and that 3 tiny little versions of the Greek fates are sucker punching you in the gut, biting your ankles, and kicking you behind the knee. I am currently in this headlock. It’s during times like these, when everything seems to be unravelling, that I think “Who could get themselves out of this situation? Who would know exactly what to do?”. The resounding answer is always the same: Rory Gilmore.

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Brows Are Thicker Than Blondes


There are few things in this world that I take as seriously as I take eyebrows…mine, yours, everybody’s. And as I should. They’re one of the most prominent features on your face. Whoever said the eyes are the windows to our souls was a fool. OBVIOUSLY eyebrows serve this purpose.

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