Brows Are Thicker Than Blondes


There are few things in this world that I take as seriously as I take eyebrows…mine, yours, everybody’s. And as I should. They’re one of the most prominent features on your face. Whoever said the eyes are the windows to our souls was a fool. OBVIOUSLY eyebrows serve this purpose.

We’ve all had our case of bad brows. I’d say my dark days existed in the 7th and 9th grade. The 7th grade was when I first attacked my beloved brows with tweezers, and had no idea what I was doing. I did zero shaping and just made them super far apart. I shudder at the thought. Then in grade 9 I clearly had a bad concept of the ratio of brow to face…as I somehow managed to pluck them to oblivion and didn’t notice until viewing photos years later.

When it comes to men, brows may be the most important feature. Some girls say eyes, others say personality. Forget that. It’s all about the brows. I wish they’d just leave them alone!! It’s okay guys! They’re supposed to be bushy! Look at Josh Hartnett! These brows are untouched, and ladies, he’s a bonafide smoke show. And Bert certainly had a look all his own.

I have fairrrrrly thick brows…but not thick enough in my opinion. There are some eyebrows out there that I seriously envy.


Model, Anouck Lepère has fabulous arches. They’re the right length, thickness, and amount of grooming.


Ashley Olsen, longtime style icon of mine, has gorgeous eyebrows these days. I’m a fan of the brushed up look. I read somewhere that it makes you look younger, and I don’t disagree. Adds some interest to your visage if you’re not one for much makeup.


Eyebrow wonder and cool model of today, Cara Delevingne, is truly blessed with her brows. Anyone who has the capability to rock this shape and thickness should do so immediately.


We can’t have a discussion about thick and glorious eyebrows and not mention Jennifer Connelly. The woman is the reigning queen and leader of the bushy brow brigade.


The brows I envy most are those belonging to model and Instagram hero, Ali Michael. These are the perfect and most enviable eyebrows out there. I’ve studied them closely in the hopes that I could one day achieve the same brows. Sadly I don’t think mine are quite thick enough to have the same shape |:*o( (that’s Bert shedding a tear).

If my 13 year old self knew I was wishing thicker, bushier brows upon myself, she’d be shocked. But times have changed, I’d tell her, and a perfectly, slim-shaped brow is no longer something I desire. Despite fickle trends, this is one conviction I plan to uphold.


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