Here Comes The Night Time


Mark Blinch for The Globe and Mail

There are some special nights  that will go down in history as one of the best of your life, where the stars align and the music is good, the people are good, and you are feeling like bliss. Last night was one such night.

Last night was the night some friends and I went to the Arcade Fire concert at the Air Canada Centre…and everything about it was amazing. They have got to be one of the coolest bands ever and I’ve loved them for over 10 years now. I knew the show was going to be something special when the band requested concert-goers to come dressed in formal attire or costumes. Such a request really can’t go wrong and sets the night up to be spectacular. So I got super gussied up, sporting my favourite fanciful skirt and a face load of gold glitter.

The set list was great playing lots of my favourites: My Body Is A Cage, Reflektor, Flashbulb Eyes, We Exist, Neighbourhood # 3 (Power Out), Rebellion (Lies), Wake Up, Here Comes The Night Time (to which I lost my shit)…all greats. There were skeletons, and jungles, and a human rotating shiny disco ball. And then, during the encore, “Rob Ford” made a surprise appearance! It was hilarious.

Win Butler was looking as stylish as ever (this guy…is the raddest dude). He was sporting a cow spot blazer, with a button up chambray shirt, and white jeans. His steeze was slick as **** (pardon my french, I’m just feeling very emphatic about the steeze).

The show was a true JOY. I’m so happy I was finally able to see one of my favourite bands perform live, and that they did so, so fantastically.

My amazing night didn’t end there. My friends and I then made our way to The Underground, which essentially looks like the bar out of this amazing Arcade Fire video. The perfect venue to dance out some of the incredible energy you have after a life-changing, top-notch concert. Sadly James Franco wasn’t there, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT another really cool celebrity was. I was standing at the bar, when a Kurt Cobaine lookalike walked past and stood near me. I thought he seemed verrrry familiar. His friend noticed me staring and asked if I recognized the guy. AND THEN I REALIZED…it was Joe Anderson from Across the Universe! I love that guy. His Happiness is a Warm Gun is my favourite song from that film. Anywho, we all had a nice little chat…I made a BIT of a fool of myself as I kind of couldn’t believe it was  him and vocalized this skepticism (cardinal celeb encounter faux pax), but I tried to make up for it by just having a normal chat with him. He was so friendly, British, and adorable. I may have to track him down again in an attempt to prove I that I am not a total nerd.

Sadly my night didn’t end with poutine (or back at Joe’s hyuck hyuck hyuck), but I did make some wundabar new pals whom I played Cards Against Humanity with until the wee hours of the morning.

I’m telling you people, glitter is a magical thing. You don’t need a ‘party persona’ when you’re wearing it, because it transforms you into a another person, where you forget your troubles and enjoy the moment. It also ensures that your night is going to be utterly legendary.


2 responses to “Here Comes The Night Time

  1. theclickincloset

    & it will be a night you will never forget because you’ll have glitter in your hair for ages which will act as a lovely reminder 🙂 hah
    What a great concert that must have been! jealous ma’dear!!

  2. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Btw,I’m also on Instagram,maybe you like my account?
    Lovely greets from germany 😉

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