What Would Rory Do?


Sometimes everything in your life is just peachy keen. On a daily basis you’re able to declare, in a slightly dramatic, overly comedic manner (arms up in a broadway show kind of way), “EV-RY-THING’S COME-ING UP MIL-HOUSE!”. During these times the only person you have to look up to is yourself, because you’re awesome, and you’re just completely nailing it. Cheers to you, pat yourself on the back.

Other times you feel like Life has you in a headlock, and that 3 tiny little versions of the Greek fates are sucker punching you in the gut, biting your ankles, and kicking you behind the knee. I am currently in this headlock. It’s during times like these, when everything seems to be unravelling, that I think “Who could get themselves out of this situation? Who would know exactly what to do?”. The resounding answer is always the same: Rory Gilmore.

I have admired the fictional character Rory, from one of my all time favourite Tv-shows, Gilmore Girls, since the 7th grade. All through high school and university, when I felt like it was sock-pullin’-up time, I’d channel Rory’s determination and confidence. And now, at 26, I find myself asking: W.W.R.G.D??

S.O.S RORY! I don’t know where I’m going to live!

“Don’t even worry about it girl. If you can’t find a place to live I’m sure your grandparents can just set you up in a newly renovated pool house of your own, fit for an episode of Cribs”

RoRo, I can’t find an internship!

“Don’t fret, can’t your boyfriend’s dad get you a gig at his highly reputable publication?”

I can’t choose between the hunky boy next door or the dark and moody, literate bad boy! (I WISH)

“That’s a hard one. Just go back and forth until you figure it out. They’ll be waiting”

Blerg, Gilmore, I don’t know what to order for dinner! This salad or that one?

“Doi, that’s an easy one. Just get the cheeseburger with extra fries, and a side of donuts. Worried about your figure? I never do!”

Holy shit R-Dawg, I just realized there are only a few weeks of school left and a TON of work to do. HELP!”

“Okay, this is serious. Find a good spot, like maybe under a nice tree? Fill your backpack with all the books you may need, and just get to it. If I can go from zero to studying in less than 60 seconds, then so can you!”

UGH. Nothing seems to be working out for me and I don’t know what I’m going to do! Any wise words Rory?

“There are a lot of things in my life right now that are undecided. And that used to scare me, but I kind of like the idea that it’s all just kind of wide open.”

If you say so!


Yes Rory was super organized, incredibly hard-working, constantly striving to do better, and seemed to always have a plan…

…But don’t forget in Season 6, when Rory completely lost her shit as well. It happens to the best of us. So I suppose all you can do is prepare for the downs, celebrate the ups, and try not to sweat it too much.


Apple/Gold Star/Coffee/I’ll eat to that /Ugly cry


3 responses to “What Would Rory Do?

  1. I LOVE this!!!

  2. Hahahhah this is the best

  3. theclickincloset

    hahaha how perfect
    great post!

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