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Where Is Your Safe Place?


To be displaced is to be moved or removed from a usual position. To me, this can mean many things. It can mean physically being removed from your home for whatever reason. It can mean you were replaced with someone else. Or it can be a displacement that occurs in your psyche. No matter the cause or condition, displacement is unsettling. I have recently undergone all manners of displacement and can attest to its unpleasantness. When the rug is pulled out from under you, and your world is turned upside down, no matter the displacement, you must seek a place of comfort. Continue reading


Film Guide to Your Hibernation

WINTER MOVIESCongratulations! You’ve almost made it through the bleak month of January. Sure your pores have frozen and your spirit has taken a few hits, but you’re almost in the clear. The January Blues can take strong hold of your psyche, and this cold as a witches teat weather does not offer any extra incentive to get out of bed. It would be best if those of us most afflicted were offered a ‘get out of January free’ card that allowed us the peace of mind to keep cozy under the covers, watch a ton of movies, and just plain hibernate.

Continue reading

Film Guide to Your Quarter-Life Crisis and Other Confessions


We’ve all been well trained (via pop culture) to spot the tell-tale signs of a mid-life crisis:

  • newly purchased, brightly coloured, flashy sports car
  • equally novel, brightly coloured, flashy clothing (often unbuttoned to reveal said mid-lifer’s chest)
  • mayhaps some thoughtfully purchased nips and tucks

But what, pray tell, are the signs of a quarter-life crisis?? Tune into my new and fabulous reality show to find out! Continue reading

Final Countdown


Good afternoon fellow dreamers!

Today marks the beginning of the end….of my semester that is. The next 4 weeks are going to be rather chaotic, and unfortunately I won’t have the pleasure to indulge my time in these blog posts that I enjoy so much.

From now until April 24th I won’t be able to post as often. Henceforth, you (my lovely readers) can expect posts on Fridays, and MAYBE Tuesdays if time permits.

Post exams you can expect a more regular and full posting schedule. Not to worry, The Rêve Head shall persist.


Bienvenue & Howdy!

Citizens of the world wide web, I offer my hand to you to attempt an enthusiastic and firm handshake. Ignore the slight tremble, it’s just my nerves. Welcome to my new, and what is sure to become excellent blog! As the site gets more developed and the content more engaging, I’m sure we’ll seem like the oldest and bestest of friends in no time. Here I’ll post my dreamy thoughts regarding fashion, culture, and life in general. My head is more often than not up in the clouds, so things have the possibility of getting very interesting. Please enjoy and I hope you’ll visit often.