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Greetings from the Unknown

unknownheader-e1467041729669As a society, we can’t help but have a fascination with the unknown; it’s human nature to want to be able to answer questions we don’t (or won’t) have the answers to, and use every tool at our disposal to break down those walls and remove any uncertainty. Spoiler Alert: I don’t profess to know what the hell I’m talking about, but if I were to hazard a guess, perhaps it’s because the unknown scares us – it takes away that sense of control we so love, and leaves us at the whim of the forces of nature. Whether it’s pondering the ever-expanding universe or why your newest crush has yet to text you back, the unknown always has the one up. While I’m currently burdened with many unknowns, the one that is burdening me most is, cancer. Continue reading


Bienvenue & Howdy!

Citizens of the world wide web, I offer my hand to you to attempt an enthusiastic and firm handshake. Ignore the slight tremble, it’s just my nerves. Welcome to my new, and what is sure to become excellent blog! As the site gets more developed and the content more engaging, I’m sure we’ll seem like the oldest and bestest of friends in no time. Here I’ll post my dreamy thoughts regarding fashion, culture, and life in general. My head is more often than not up in the clouds, so things have the possibility of getting very interesting. Please enjoy and I hope you’ll visit often.