Film Guide to Your Hibernation

WINTER MOVIESCongratulations! You’ve almost made it through the bleak month of January. Sure your pores have frozen and your spirit has taken a few hits, but you’re almost in the clear. The January Blues can take strong hold of your psyche, and this cold as a witches teat weather does not offer any extra incentive to get out of bed. It would be best if those of us most afflicted were offered a ‘get out of January free’ card that allowed us the peace of mind to keep cozy under the covers, watch a ton of movies, and just plain hibernate.

Lately I’m finding I have a lot of free time on my hands, and a constant winter chill that is only cured by covering myself with my fluffy, feather duvet. I’m in full on hibernation mode. As I’ve established in other posts, I find it helpful to assign film guides to certain phases of life. During this hibernation phase, I go back and forth between bleak, cold as ice films, and those that have a sunnier disposition about this journey we call lyfe, or at least offer a sunnier landscape to view whilst I mope. Here’s a fairly solid list of films that will offer you a ‘warm, warmer, NOPE COLD, VERY COLD, chilly, oh warmer, hot, ON FIRE’ guide through your hibernation. Enjoy!


A classic Coen Brothers flick that will take you on an icy trip to wonderful Minnesota eh.


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Enjoy the beautiful life in Italy, while also enjoying the twists and turns of a psychotic mind.



Continuing the theme of dangerous minds, good films, and the everlasting cold darkness of winter in Alaska, this thriller’s the one for you.


The Darjeeling Limited

Probably my favourite Wes Anderson movie (this opinion changes often), a glorious journey through hot hot India, all the bullshit life throws at us, and how we still manage to get through it. Stellar soundtrack as well.


Doctor Zhivago

War, drama, romance, and Russian mansions filled with snow.



A wonderfully quirky Cassavetes film that takes place in gorgeous Greece. Be forewarned, you’ll curse the fact that you don’t share genes with Susan Sarandon after watching this.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

An eccentric and beautiful movie about trying to escape crappy memories, moving on, and the cold beaches of Montauk. Also, the source of my header image.



An epic trip across the scorching Australian outback. Plus Adam Driver is insanely adorable, so that will warm your soul.


Under the Skin

A bizarre and other-wordly movie set in Glasgow that will give you goosebumps and bend your mind.



A heartbreaking, but equally heartwarming and heroic tale. Be prepared to spend hours researching trekking the Pacific Crest Trail yourself, and singing El Condor Pasa non-stop.



Finally, watch this charming and simply perfect foreign romance. It’s so sweet and wonderful and marked by the changing of the seasons, so also hella relevant to this post.


Happy hibernating!





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