Top it Off (The Lesser Known T.Swift Hit)


I am a person who relies heavily on style icons. Aspirational dressing I like to call it. When selecting a style icon, the admiration for said individual must rely upon more than just their wardrobe. These fabulous people should not only possess the clothes we fantasize about, but also the careers, interests, perspectives and little black books that dreams are made of. I have a long list of style icons, but who sits at the top? Without hesitation, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt. Her effortlessly chic approach to style is definitely a worthwhile ambition. While I drool over her beautiful collection of coats, her enviable skinny jeans, and her sophisticated stilettos – it’s her fantastic hats that I covet most of all.

Since I can remember I have always been partial to a good hat. In the first grade I came down with a bad case of chicken pox. As incentive to not scratch or scar my face, my clever mother offered me a prize if I kept my hands off my pox. I chose this insane pillbox style hat I had seen at an eccentric hippie store in the mall as my reward. Said hat was not unlike the one worn by the pushy patron in the laundromat episode of FriendsYes, I was a wildly stylish little girl, completely ahead of the times. This hat was made of purple velvet and was adorned with gold cording, beads galore, and little, tiny, circular mirrors. It was a strange and beautiful masterpiece.

As my next birthday approaches I am reminded of this little girl who had the guile to sport such a bizarre accessory. She was confident in her choices and knew who she was. I believe the right hat says these things. So – I’m on the hunt – on the hunt for the right hat for me. The perfect hat to pair with my beloved menswear inspired coats; a felt hat to create the perfect sartorial moment in the snow.

The Dream Hat


This, my friends, is the perfect hat. This is the hat worn by Mme. Alt. It’s truly glorious and I love it so. Wide-brimmed and chic, you just know it’s going to age beautifully.

Maison Michel Virginie Fedora, $450.00


The Men’s Hat


Wide-brimmed, and tall-crowned, this little beauty is perfect if you’re looking for a more masculine accessory. Just be sure the hat actually fits your head – all chicness is lost when the hat is too big and falls down over your ears, and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Bailey of Hollywood Hiram Wide-Brim Hat, $58.00


The Winter Panama


This wide-brimmed panama is the perfect topper for your outfit, whether it be bohemian or Parisian inspired.

Alexa Panama Hat, $69.00


The True Grit Hat


True Grit: not only an excellent book and movie (featuring my #1 crush, Jeff Bridges), but an excellent film to make sartorial reference to. I love the idea of pairing this hat with a chic black overcoat, or left to hang on your back come summertime. Anything that channels the gumption of Hailee Steinfeld’s character, Mattie Ross, from the movie is a must-have in my books.

Brixton X UO Brooks Corded Hat, $64.00




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