Festival Inspiration: Dark Western


Yes – festivals are about the music and the truly joyous atmosphere, but they’re also very much so all about the fashion. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but for some reason I approach getting dressed for a festival the same way in which I dress for Halloween – with dizzying excitement and a specific theme in mind. I suppose I like to develop a mood or vibe for the show I’m about to view, based on the artists who are going to be there, and then my mind wanders (you don’t wanna know), and voilà my festival motif is born! This week I’m lucky enough to be seeing Lana Del Rey, Grimes, and Father John Misty (among others), and for one reason or another, my mind landed on the concept of a dark western – Spaghetti Western à la squid ink, if you will. Bizarre? Maybe. Sartorially savvy? Well, I certainly think so. 


The Inspiration

DARK WESTERN INSPOSource: imgarcade.com/manrepeller.com

The concept of Dark Western originally entered my mind upon buying this glorious hat that is a panama/cowboy hybrid. It reminded me of a darker (albeit less awesome) version of the hat that the character Mattie Ross wears in the Coen Bro. movie True Grit. From there, other cowboy inspired motifs bubbled to the surface of my consciousness: fringe, denim, and red handkerchiefs (as one’s normal train of thought does). Since I tend to dress in pretty much all black, and love witchy references, a witchy western style just made sense – DUH!


The Style



Despite it being cliché, denim cut-offs are my festival staple. They go with any outfit, they tend to be flattering (once you’ve tried on 73 pairs, and have found the perfect fit…), and they bring that necessary and oh-so-good vintage vibe to your outfit – the perfect combination. For tops I almost always wear a muscle tank that I’ve tied into a crop (last year I bought 3 of the same shirt after each one got ruined), H&M always has heaps, and for cheap. Any combination of open-knit, mesh, and fringe are also always welcome in my wardrobe (mine are from Urban Outfitters and OUTPOST Vintage + Thrift). Finally, any good festival gettup requires some accessories. A beau chapeau? A sweet lil’ vintage backpack? A red bandana bolo tie? All good options in my opinion. Who am I kidding, going to a festival is just a great excuse to shop!

Urban Renewal, Recycled Denim Shorts, $59.00

American Apparel, Unisex Power Washed Tank, $24.00

Cliche, Fringe Trim Tank, $29.97

Wilfred, Beaudry Blouse, $135.00

Ecote, Arial Bra Top, $44.00

Brixton x UO, Brooks Corded Hat, $39.99

Silence + Noise, Pebbled Leather Mini Backpack, $135.00


The Extras


As festivals take place outside, and we’re put in direct contact with the elements, makeup doesn’t play a huge factor in my festival prep. However, since I feel naked without lip colour, a pop of bright lipstick is a necessity. And while I would usually just do the lip, some SPF, and perhaps a failed attempt at a cat-eye and call it a day, the buck doesn’t stop there this weekend. After seeing this Urban Decay advertisement, which featured an amazing shade of lipstick, I realized I simply must imitate this look – specifically the gold-rimmed eye. I’m not particularly skilled as a beautician, so here’s hoping I pull it off. Throw on some sunnies, a lil bling, and you’ll be ready to sway with the masses.

Ray Ban, RB2180 49, $149.95

Wild Columbine, Necklace, $42.00 (Also available at OUTPOST Vintage+Thrift)

Fresh, Sugar Lip Treatment – Cherry, $26.00

MAC, Lipstick – Heroine, $16.00

Kat Von D, Ink Liner, $23.00

MAC, Lipstick – Ruby Woo, $16.00

Maybelline, Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow – Bold Gold, $8.00

Bing Bang NYC, Temple Amulet Cuff, $180.00

Whether you’re partial to a flower crown or a leather cap, gladiator sandals or Chucks, own your festival style, dance up a storm, and have fun!


Header Image c/o OUTPOST Vintage+Thrift FOLLOW THEM!  


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