Fin de Semaine Best In Show


Weekend attire can go one of three ways:

  1. You’re in the mood to get all gussied up and perhaps paint the town red.
  2. You’re having a casual weekend, and a nice pair of jeans and cozy, chic sweater is all that you require to hit the flea and farmer’s markets.
  3. You’re taking full advantage of the end of the week to stay in, full on hermit style: same flannel, leggings, and cozy socks day after day.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to up the ante and sport this amazing look this weekend.

Gaga was up bright and early Friday  morning to promote her new song ‘G.U.Y‘ in New York. The video for the song is up and has already surpassed 6 million views on YouTube after being published on Saturday.  Not to anyone’s surprise, the video is very peculiar, featuring the ladies of my once beloved Real Housewives of Beverly Hills including Kyle and Kim Richards, and my personal favourite, Lisa Vanderpump. Completely random, but at the same time, quite entertaining. I’m kinda
sorta into the song too. Kinda.

Back to the matter at hand: Gaga’s gettup. I love this look. The super long white hair, paired with an entirely black-on-black outfit, which includes insanely high, patent leather, platform shoes and chic, oversized sunglasses. I love the skinny black pants worn with the voluminous and structured black sweater. It’s a surprisingly simple and sophisticated look for Gaga, but I’m, dare I say it, gaga for it! Very modern and stylish, with an air of darkness and mystery.

If I had to choose a spirit animal for Lady Gaga in this ensemble, my immediate answer would be a mystical white unicorn  in a dark, enchanted forest. Duh! Isn’t that the obvious answer?

Despite the simplicity of this look, it’s anything but mundane.



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