Closet Raiders Wishlist


The blogosphere is ripe with infinite options to keep you entertained and distracted all day. There’s the good (The Man Repeller, The Rêve Head, The Click In Closet) and then there are the blogs that I’m sure are just fine, but not on my radar (How to Rewire Your Toaster, The Dog’s Breakfast, Pix of Wooden Stix)(Yes, I made these up). One of my very favourite blogs to peruse by far is The Coveteur.

I love it for many reasons. First and foremast, the gals who founded the blog, Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, are Torontonians and the blog is based out of this glorious city as well. The Coveteur gives its readers a VIP pass into the lives of the coolest celebrities and cultivated individuals. If you want to see in the closet of amazing blogger Leandra Medine, this is the place. How’s about a backstage glimpse into the infamous Chanel Supermarket at the Fall 2014 RTW runway show?? Look no further than The Coveteur.

Whenever I receive an email notification from The Coveteur about a new posting I begin to fear that the site is tracking my mind. So often the tastemakers they choose to exhibit are among my biggest inspirations. Clearly they understand their viewership and their tastes and wants.

I’ve devised a bit of a Coveteur Closet Wishlist of individuals whose closets I would most like to raid. For the purposes of this blog I’ve condensed it down to 3 interesting contenders.

Cara Delevigne and Georgia May Jagger

Apparently these ladies, who just happen to be two of the most stunning and in demand runway models, are flatmates!!! Now I’m having trouble confirming that this is still the case, but let’s just assume for these make believe purposes, they are. Can you imagine the treasures these young gals trove in their flat? I imagine they might have to clean up a bit first, but the designer duds and timeless pieces would be spectacular to see in their element.

Grace Coddington 

Grace Coddington is my idol. Starting from humble beginnings, and obsessed with Vogue since she was a young girl. I totally getchu Gracie! Her creative direction at the magazine is awe-inspiring. The whimsy, the fun, and the unbelievable knack for nailing the spirit of our times always reads beautifully on the glossy pages of Vogue. In the documentary The September Issue we got a bit of a sneak peak into Grace’s home (and her work at Vogue). It seemed truly enchanting. Not only would she surely have unique pieces (apparel, trinkets, and objet d’art), unbelievable stories to share, but we would get to see all the wonderful sketches of her beloved cats as well as the sketches she has done over the years of her favourite looks on the runway. It would be a true honour for the readers.

Lena Dunham

A little over a year ago The Coveteur wrote a love letter/plea to Lena Dunham to be featured on their blog. In fact they started a #lenadunhamgetscoveteurd campaign. I would be exceptionally thrilled to see Lena’s place and its contents featured on The Coveteur for a plethora of reasons:

  • The voice of our generation, Ms. Lena, has really great, quirky style, designer besties, and unique pieces. Whatever’s in her closet is sure to be interesting.
  • She has this amazing custom wallpaper made of an elaborate design of thousands of little stickers by artist Payton Cosell Turner. I’m completely obsessed and hope to one day commission a wall (or multiple) of my own one day.
  • There could be the amazing and wonderful possibility that Adam Driver may be hiding in her bed or elsewhere in the vicinity and I (a deeply infatuated individual) could catch a glimpse (oh my, I sound creepy).

Perhaps coincidence and fate will be on my side and we’ll soon be lucky enough for an exclusive look into these intriguing ladies lives.

Closet / Lena / Grace / Cara&Georgia


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