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Life Lessons c/o Sex and the City


Confession: I have spent an absurd amount of my life planted in front of a screen. Specifically, I have spent an absurd amount of my life planted in front of a screen watching Sex and the City. Truthfully I have watched the entire series, start to finish, at least 9 times – and I suspect that’s an underestimate. Some may view this as a complete waste of time, that I have now said sayonara to many brain cells during these moments ‘lost’. I see it as a grand education in the intricacies and comedies of life and love (lol). While not always a completely relevant frame of reference for me personally (I am hardly living the fabulous life, nor am I dating approximately one billion dreamy men), I have learned some very important life lessons from these HBO-crafted women. Here are the top tidbits of advice I have taken away from each of the characters of the show. Continue reading


Scrapped, But Not Forgotten

Cancelled TV

There are a great many losses we experience over our lifetimes. We can lose out on small things in our lives and just completely come undone. I once lost my favourite coral, MAC lip moisturizer, and shed many a tear. A waste of salty sobs? Probably.

But there’s one thing in this world, that may not seem like a big deal, but I never quite recover from: The loss of a favourite television show.

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