Life Lessons c/o Sex and the City


Confession: I have spent an absurd amount of my life planted in front of a screen. Specifically, I have spent an absurd amount of my life planted in front of a screen watching Sex and the City. Truthfully I have watched the entire series, start to finish, at least 9 times – and I suspect that’s an underestimate. Some may view this as a complete waste of time, that I have now said sayonara to many brain cells during these moments ‘lost’. I see it as a grand education in the intricacies and comedies of life and love (lol). While not always a completely relevant frame of reference for me personally (I am hardly living the fabulous life, nor am I dating approximately one billion dreamy men), I have learned some very important life lessons from these HBO-crafted women. Here are the top tidbits of advice I have taken away from each of the characters of the show.




  • Listen to your friends problems fully before cutting them off and harping in with your own shit. It’s super rude and obnoxious, so learn from Carrie’s mistakes, and DON’T follow suit.
  • Never wait around for a man who puts you or your dreams second.




  • If you know you can’t stop eating something (even after you’ve thrown it out) put dish soap on it.
  • Don’t let fear stand in the way of your happiness or moving forward.




  • She was right – sometimes your hair can be too shiny!
  • Undying optimism and persistence are key to getting what you want out of life.




  • Nothing is more satisfying than throwing a dirty martini into the face of a dirty bastard (I can only assume)
  • Do what makes you happy – critics be damned.
  • It’s okay to admit that you love yourself more than you love someone else. You come first, honey!

*Cue Candi Staton Song*

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the series, this video gives away Mr. Big’s real name!!!

WARNING: Samantha Jones is NSFW in this clip, but the monologue is too damn good to not include it.


All Images: HBO/Sex and the City


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