Picnic Pout


With the snow melting, and the sun making its first attempt this year to SLIGHTLY warm the planet I am reminded that spring is on its way. And because I like to get ahead of myself, this means summer is close by as well.

Summer weather means light, airy clothes, and barely there makeup. Our skin is sun-kissed, so our faces are able to breath without formulas. Despite making a concerted effort to rock a ‘natural glow’ all summer long, I am happy to play around with lipstick pigments. Today I’m going to find the perfect lipstick to match the tint provided to your pout by some yummy, summer picnic treats.

PINKWhat is more delicious than some tart, yet sweet rhubarb in the summer? A pink pout is a summer essential for those whose complexions will allow for it. MAC’s Impassioned lipstick is sure to provide the wearer with that pop of colour they desire.

BLUEBThere is no berry I love more than the blueberry. I eat them year round, and love the subtle blue-purple stain they give to my lips. This beautiful shade by MAC, called Girl About Townwill no doubt give your bouche the post-pie-eating-contest look, without the guilt (or sickness).

ORANGENothing reminds me more of summer than a dripping and delicious orange-sicle. As a kid, my sweet Nan would give us these tasty frozen treats whenever we visited. I loved the orange hue it gave to my mouth. A bright, orange lip is still one of my favourite go-to, summer shades, my number one choice being MAC’s Morange.

WINEAs a nod to summer picnics while spent abroad in Europe, one can not forget to include in their basket a delectable red wine. Many complain of the red wine lip stain that results from partaking in a nice Shiraz, but I really like the slightly gothic pop of deep plum. For year’s now my favourite MAC lipstick has been Dark SideThe best thing about it is that I find it works all year, whether it be winter or summer!

REDI’m a major candy girl, and bright red lollipops have always been a favourite. Even as a kid, when we were in the pharmacy I would insist upon getting a red lollipop, not just for its sugary delight, but to ensure that my pout would be bright red for the remainder of the day. No look is more glam or fun than when you sport a red lip. MAC’s Relentlessly Red is an excellent option to achieve a classic red pout.

PURPLENow this idea is slightly more abstract, but what’s better than a creative challenge? A playful pop of frosted lilac on your pout is such a great look for spring and summer, but what yummy food provides this effect? I have settled on powdered donuts. After biting into one of these Homer Simpson delicacies, your kisser is lightly dusted with the frosty powder. This powder, combined with the natural pigment of your lips, gives off a kind of purpley look. Right? Right? Can you see it? I sure can. Unfortunately this MAC Viva Glam lipstick from last Spring, Nicki 2,  is no longer carried in stores. However, if a purple pout is what you seek, MAC offers a lighter lipstick called Snapdragonor a more vibrant hue Violetta.

All these shades are bright and fun, and are guaranteed to amp up your Spring/Summer beauty regimen. The temperatures are still pretty chilly, so we still have some time to scour the shelves of Sephora and MAC to find our summer lipstick of choice, as well as a great patch of grass to frequent with friends.

Picnic Blanket / YSL Pout


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