Objet D’Art

George Condo + Kim


With spring fast (FASTER PLEASE) approaching, one must take pause and ruminate on what interesting trends might soon flood the stylish sidewalks of Metropolitan cities. I have been obsessing over the french phrase ‘objet d’art’ for almost a year now. I don’t exactly know why, but I just like the concept of pieces of interest, whether it be on a shelf, next to your stack of stylish coffee-table-toppers, or in the case of recent trends, on your designer accessories.

The world was all a twitter when Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a Hermès Birkin, which was hand-painted by the artist George Condo this Christmas. I first was exposed to Condo’s art when it was featured in an amazing Vogue spread with Daria Werbowy, back in 2007. Later, in 2010, Condo collaborated with Kanye West to create album art for West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This was a very fitting commission, as a description of Condo’s art and the title of the album could be used interchangeably. Many screamed “SACRILEGE!” when they saw the statement Birkin bag plastered in the rather intense art hand-painted by Condo, but you know what? I think it needed a little livening up, and why not by a world renowned artist? It’s entirely one of a kind. Maybe a little showy, but it brings new meaning to the concept of wearable art.

Burberry’s Fall 2014 RTW collection featured a plethora of hand-painted designs. These were more painterly, and feminine with abstract swirls of flowers on leather bags and shoes. It added an overall bohemian feel to the collection.


Similarly, Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2014 collection featured highly artistic creations, including backpacks, purses, and clutches that were part of the collection’s lusted-after graffiti pieces.


Personally I’m a fan of this creative expression. These artistic extras infuse a brand and its offerings with an edgy and youthful playfulness. It adds personality to the accessories. Think of Chanel, or Burberry, or George Condo as being your pal in art class, who was super cool and talented. You would have taken your backpacks, pencil cases, and Converse sneakers to this person to add individuality to your boring, old canvas what-have-you. This is the same thing…essentially. Just this time around that “cool and talented” individual is Karl Lagerfeld, and he’s charging you upwards of $3400 for his work. But just think! You’ll definitely be the coolest kid on the playground.

Kim / George Condo, Nocturnal Figure Composition 


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