It’s taking some time to adjust my way of thinking during this seasonal transition period. My brain has been wired for the last many months to focus on: CHUNKY KNITS. DOWN FILLED JACKETS. ELECTRIC BLANKET CLOTHING. In order to re-wire the old noggin’, I’m dreaming of what I want to wear this spring, whilst I frolic down the sun-saturated streets.

What’s a cute look for spring? SPOTS OF COURSE! Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but the right spot, is a truly glorious shopping trip find. While the average perfectly rounded polka dot is very sweet, and included in this spring line-up, I’m more a fan of the abstract, speckled and painterly dotted versions. The black on white options out there are so clean and chic. I own a few items that fit this bill, but would be happy to see spots in more sections of my wardrobe. Here are some cool options I found…

Items from Left to Right:

1. Zara Printed Shirt, 59.90

2. Indigo Scattered Dot Scarf, 24.50

3. Libertine Libertine Polka Dot Dress, 197.60

4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini-Satchel, 1080.00

5. Zara Speckled Trouser, 59.90

6. A.P.C. Napoli Dress, 415.00

7. Tanya Taylor Dotted Lambskin Blouse, 895.00

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blurred Ponyskin Bag, 405.00

Happy hunting for these spotted gems!


One response to “SPOTTED: Spots

  1. 158 amazing life_

    Love the Zara Printed Shirt and the scarf!

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