Rainy Daze


Precipitation got you down? Yeah, me too. Once May arrives things are just fine and dandy, but until then my excitement at the changing of seasons is kept to a minimum. This is because I know the transition from winter to spring is a messy one. At first things are great c/o daylight savings time allowing for mornings to be brighter, and the evenings to arrive a little later each passing day. However, during this rainy season, the day remains grey and gloomy from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. It takes all the effort in the world to keep from crawling back under the covers and waiting out the storm. Having said that, it may just take the right rubber-wear and a sweet playlist to turn dat frown upside down.




Trudging through a monsoon can quickly become fabulously skipping through puddles if you’ve got the right rain boots on your feet. Brands like Hunter are now offering more contemporary wellies to accompany their beloved classic styles. You may even experience childlike exuberance for those puddles forming at your fashionably-clad feet. Go with it!

Hunter, Crackled Leather Chelsea Boot, $408.92

Hunter, Original Tall Rain Boot, $186.00

JuJu, Norton Welly, $65.00

Hunter, Original Short Rain Boot, $170.00




There is nothing worse than battling through a windy, rainy day with a subpar umbrella. I can’t tell you how many times a strong gust of wind has blown up, inverted my stupid umbrella, and broke the damn thing. There’s nothing more frustrating than this common occurrence, and I sympathize with those who had to leave their broken brellies behind on the street. Get yourself a good one, and not only will you stay dry during a storm, but years of your life won’t be lost due to the exasperation of being left with a destroyed umbrella.

Hunter, Moustache Bubble Umbrella, $62.00

Urban Outfitters, Printed Bubble Umbella, $25.00

Kate Spade, New York Sayings Umbrella, $47.00



If you’re out in the rain, chances are your mood may start to adopt the same gloomy atmosphere as the surrounding climate. Don’t let a lil rain dampen your day. Pop your headphones in, listen to this rad playlist, and stroll down the street  with a sunnier disposition than the forecast.



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