Cool Room Club


Since I was but a wee lass, I’ve always been obsessive about having a cool room. I’d spend my sleepovers scouring through Ikea catalogues, dreaming of a room with a loft bed, chalkboard walls, and a cocoon swing hanging from the ceiling. My childhood room’s cool factor was the beautiful cloud ceiling my talented mumsy painted for me. At one point I plastered my walls with Marc Jacobs advertisements – that was slightly cool, but didn’t stand the test of time. Now my room boasts some cool pieces – a ghost chair, a purple puffin, and some unique art – but it’s never a finished product. Now I troll the internet looking for the next *cool thing* to add to my personal oasis. Here are some dreamy ideas I’ve come across as of late.


Neon Sign


I’ve always loved the idea of having a glowing neon sign above a bed. Something in a bright white, or cool blue would give off an especially dreamy glow. I’m not a huge fan of using overhead lighting to begin with, and would rather have a softer light given off from a more decorative source. Twinkly fairy lights serve that purpose for now, but a neon sign would be much more unique. A custom piece would be ideal – either lots of z’s, or ‘sweet dreams’, or perhaps ‘heaven’? A girl can dream..




I think it’s important to have something lush and living featured in your bedroom. It adds a little life to the space. Sadly I don’t have much of a green thumb, and my 3 baby cacti I brought with me to my new room have since perished. My next attempt at bringing new life to the room will be through the use of beautiful terrarium. I shall fill it with sweet little succulents and soft moss, and say a little prayer each night that they have better luck than my dear cacti – Spike, Drusilla, and Doyle.


Assorted Incandescent


Ever since visiting Urban Outfitters for the first time I fell in love with the look of hanging assorted incandescent lightbulbs, of different shapes and sizes. Not only would your room always have a romantic hue cast on it, but you’d have a very interesting art piece hanging from your ceiling! I have never excelled as a DIY electrician, and don’t want to risk electrocuting myself, no matter how chic such a lightbulb display would make my room. Call in the pro’s for this one.


Sticker Wallpaper


Lena Dunham’s Instagram account has shown me many interesting things. From quirky dog posts to unflattering selfies – the girl has done it all. However, the most wonderful thing I came across on her photo feed was an image of her custom, sticker wallpaper. I am completely obsessed. The genius behind this decor idea? Artist, Payton Cosell Turner, who is the brains behind the Brooklyn based design company Flat VernacularThe very first moment I feel I’ve made it in this world – arrived, so to speak – I am going to straight to Ms. Turner and begging for my very own, bespoke wallpaper. Though, I’m also convinced you could do small DIY projects like this and frame them on your walls. The ultimate *Cool Room Club* status symbol.




On second thought, forget everything I’ve said. Scrap the work you’ve put into your current room, pack your bags, move to Algonquin Park or another dreamy location, and set up a bedroom in a yurt. There is nothing more idyllic than a light-filled yurt, set in a forest landscape to call home. Bring all your books, cozy blankets, perhaps set up a projector, a friendly companion, and bunker down for the season. Yurt life’s the life for me.

Cool Room Club and DIY options are endless – it just depends how extravagant your day dreaming capabilities are!




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