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P-A-R-T-Y Wasn’t I Invited?!


I’m the type of person who sometimes lives in fear – fear of missing out, or as it’s more popularly known FOMO (often seen with a hashtag in front of it). You find yourself in a situation where you must decline an offer to go out with your friends – let the feeling of FOMO set in. You’re working while your roomies decide to have an impromptu pizza party – yep, that’s gonna cause some serious FOMO. A handsome rockstar invites you to come with him to New York, but you have other obligations – in your dreams (!), but also major FOMO. Missing out on great parties is often my most recurring cause of FOMO, but what about fictional parties? Well my friends, that’s the FOMO that never goes away, because it never actually happened. Here are some of the most splendid imaginary soirées I so desperately want an invite to. Continue reading


What Would Liz Do?


We’re very fortunate – we, the young women of today. We are lucky enough to be provided with an endless supply of extraordinary female heroes whose footsteps we want to follow. I am constantly seeking guidance in the documentaries, interviews, Instagram accounts, TV shows and films of my idols. I find I turn to Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Tina Fey just as much as I turn to Elle Woods, Frances Ha(lladay) and Carrie Bradshaw. While flesh ‘n blood figures offer you proof of a real-life trajectory to follow, fictional characters can illuminate life’s mysteries just as well. We see ourselves in these characters – we see them face issues within their daily lives, and we watch them overcome their challenges with creativity, grace and humour. One such character who will always hold a special place in my heart, who shares my traits (sense of humour/self-deprecation) and flaws (lack of grace/affinity for Cheetos), is Liz Lemon of 30 Rock Continue reading

Desperately Seeking LOLs


Despite what the forecast has predicted for this week – rain or shine – it is inevitably going to be gloomy. A couple of my dearest friends are going through what are sure to be the darkest days they’ll ever have to face – and to say that it isn’t breaking my heart would be an utter lie. In times of tragedy, I turn to comedy. I’m that ungraceful type of person who doesn’t always know the right thing to say. Instead I may crack a stupid joke to lighten a mood, or send a silly photo in the hopes of bringing a smile to a friend’s face. Perhaps this makes me juvenile, perhaps even inappropriate, but I think it just makes me human (in case you had any doubts). If you’re in need of a couple LOLs this week –  this is for you – I’m naming my Top 10 Most Hilarious TV Shows of All Time. Continue reading

Fantasy Crush League


I am by no means professing to know a damn thing about football or any sports for that matter, but I have come to understand that people like to partake in ‘Fantasy Leagues‘ when it comes to their favourite recreational activities. I actually don’t really know what this means, but I’m going to assume you get to put together a group of your choosing, picking your favourite athletes to make up this fantasy team. As a non-sportsfan I still want to partake, so I’ve decided to put together a team of my own ‘Fantasy Crush League’ consisting of some scrumptious fictional characters from my favourite tv shows and movies. Enjoy! Continue reading

Valentime’s Equation


I’m a lucky gal…born on Valentine’s Day and notoriously undateable. But fo real…no hint of sarcasm present.

Despite being super single on the day of lurve, my dear sweet friends and family always make my (birth)day unbelievably amazing. Here’s my recipe for the perfect GAL/PAL-ENTINES. Continue reading