P-A-R-T-Y Wasn’t I Invited?!


I’m the type of person who sometimes lives in fear – fear of missing out, or as it’s more popularly known FOMO (often seen with a hashtag in front of it). You find yourself in a situation where you must decline an offer to go out with your friends – let the feeling of FOMO set in. You’re working while your roomies decide to have an impromptu pizza party – yep, that’s gonna cause some serious FOMO. A handsome rockstar invites you to come with him to New York, but you have other obligations – in your dreams (!), but also major FOMO. Missing out on great parties is often my most recurring cause of FOMO, but what about fictional parties? Well my friends, that’s the FOMO that never goes away, because it never actually happened. Here are some of the most splendid imaginary soirées I so desperately want an invite to.


Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + JulietSource: chrisandelizabethwatchmovies.com

First things first, if you haven’t seen Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet then set some time aside immediately and get to watchin’. Not only is the film spectacular, but it has one of the most amazing fictional parties ever depicted – with costumes, family turmoil, and drag performances – who wouldn’t want an invite to this party?


Arcade Fire – Here Comes the Night Time

It’s a fairly undisputed fact that Win Butler, and the Arcade Fire gang are completely brilliant (undisputed in my mind at least). So when I saw this perfectly awesome music video for the first time I was not surprised by its…aweseomeness (yeahhhh, I said it). Ripe with celebrity cameos, Win’s signature face makeup, and music that just makes you want to join a conga line and dance – this party can be deemed poppin’.



Another excellent piece of film history that you should add to your must-watch/re-watch endlessly list. If you value a party full of mystery, ambiguous creatures dressed in masquerade garb, and most importantly, is attended by Ziggy Stardust himself? Well then, this is the party for you.



tumblr_n5uilf0PL51tnyusoo1_500Source: kweendestiny.tumblr.com

This is a classic representation of what the high school house party of your dreams looks like. A smattering of cool people, varied cliques happily co-mingling, illicit substances, saucy games of suck and blow, and coordinated dancing – that’s what a good party while ma’ and pa’ are out of town is all about, folks.



To begin, let me apologize for any substance abuse, lewd behaviour, or crass language exhibited in this video – BUT – a secret rave? In a forest?! Yes please.


Marie Antoinette

The scenes depicting the birthday fête of Marie Antoinette are truly inspiring. This is the life we should all be leading. First, you’re treated to bonbon’s and bubbly while you select a fabulous new party-worthy wardrobe.

Then your guests arrive and bubbly continues to flow, games are played, and a fabulously wonderful time is had by all.

Next, those who can keep up with the birthday girl, are whisked away to an extravagant masquerade ball where les bonne temps continue to roll.

Finally, a cluster of the remaining loyal party animals take to the glorious and great outdoors to enjoy the stunning sunrise from their dew covered, grassy end-of-night posts. Yep, from beginning to end, this party is unbelievably spectacular. What I wouldn’t give to have noshed on a piece of that (let them eat) cake!


And then…with any good party, there’s the day after, and the blurry and ridiculously hilarious memories from the prior night… 



Have a safe and happy long weekend pals!


Header Image: lolitas.se



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