Primavera Polish


Strolling down Bloor Street today, sun shining, happy people out on the patios enjoying sangria…I realized: it’s official…spring has sprung (about bloody time too)!As a kid there was nothing more exciting than the arrival of this season. Puddles were ripe for jumping, tulips were ready for sniffing, and there was nothing more magical than happening upon a discarded robin’s egg.

Now, nothing is more magical than happening upon the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue nail polish. This pristine pastel polish is one of my favourites to sport come the month of April. Here are some beautiful options I’ve come across in my research.

Deborah Lippman, Rockin’ Robin

China Glaze, For Audrey

Chanel, Riva

Essie, Absolutely Shore

Let’s hope the sun persists this week and that I have the patience to not wreck a freshly painted coat of polish.


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