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In the world of *beauty*, I’m a bit of an outsider looking in, à la Nick Carraway. I’d still consider myself a beginner – continuing to educate myself in what looks good, what’s new, and how to put it on my face properly, but my aspirations to one day become a beauty expert are quite lofty. Unfortunately I fall especially short in terms of actually owning a respectable collection of beauty products. Rather I tend to hold the philosophy that my current supply is good to the very last drop. I rarely buy new products, or mix up my routine to reflect the beauty trends of the moment. Well, that’s all about to change, my current beauty cart is bursting with goods. The last step on the road to becoming a beauty expert? Actually proceeding to the checkout…



kaolinLately I’ve read good things about the beauty ingredient kaolin, and want to become a part of those who sing its praises. The list of benefits is lengthy, and includes minimizing the appearance of pores, controlling oil, resotring elasticity, and enhancing hydration. Sounds good to me!

Urban Outfitters, Caolin’s Pore Original Pack, $20.00

LUSH, Angels on Bare Skin Face/Body Cleanser, $33.95


MAC x Giambattista Valli

GIAMBATTISTAI’ve always been a fan of Giambattista Valli’s designs in all their frothy, cotton-candy hued, whimsical glory. It makes perfect sense that he’s now collaborated with MAC to create this beautifully sweet collection of lipsticks.

MAC, Giambattista Valli Lipstick, $21.00



charcoalAnother beauty ingredient getting a lot of buzz lately is charcoal. Once thought of as only being beneficial at a barbeque, it can now add absorbant, exfoliating, and calming to its list of benefits.

LUSH, Dark Angels Face/Body Cleanser, $31.95

Boscia, Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, $13.00

LUSH, Coalface Cleanser, $13.95


Laura Mercier Lip Parfait

laura mercierI came across these beautiful, creamy colourbalms when perusing my favourite beauty blog Into The Gloss. The collection of shades could not be more perfect – I’m completely obsessed with all of them. In the vein of Pokemon, I plan to collect them all…

Laura Mercier, Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm, $25.00


Eyebrow Mascara

brow mascaraThis concept isn’t entirely new to me, but I have yet to buy the proper product to serve this purpose. My brows are pretty bold all on their own, but for me? The bolder the better. So, for years I’ve been using an old eyelash mascara on my eyebrows just to add a little extra darkness, as well as to help them hold their shape. Ratchet eyebrow mascara no more, since they now actually sell products specifically for your brows!

NARS, Brow Gel, $29.00

Maybelline, Eyebrow Mascara, $9.95

Bobbi Brown, Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch, $28.00


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