What’s Your Sign, Baby?


I’m no Miss Cleo, and certainly can’t hold a light to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, but I do like to dabble in the fine art of horoscope crafting. Am I spiritually in touch with the cosmos? No, not really. Am I qualified to predict your future? Not any more than the next guy. Do I think that reading a positive horoscope may help you to approach the upcoming year, month, week or day with a little more pep in your step? Most definitely. The first month of 2016 is about to come to an end – and in a lot of ways it has thus far felt like the same old shit, just a new year. Leave the *NEW YEAR NEW ME* codswallop in the dust – you’re fine just the way you are. Instead, turn to the stars and demand that they start working for you, honey! 



While you may not want to hear this – patience is a virtue – and the time has come for you to learn. All the good things will come your way by year’s end if you keep plugging away, being patient, and working towards those goals! Soon you will hold all the power, my darling.



Lurve is all around you, so make sure to have your butterfly net handy, don’t wanna let that special someone fly away. However, if you’ve been keeping some big ideas caged up, now is the time to set them free. You are So-And-So, Hear you roar!



This year is about seeking things out for yourself. In all categories, whether it be love, career, or self – don’t be basic! Set your sights on the unique and good things will follow.



Though you may sometimes prefer to sit back and watch the show – 2016 is the year you take centre front. Wallflower no more! Wallflower b’gone! Be playful and let your personality entrance those around you.



Try to not flit about on a whim. While that way of life may be dreamy, you should instead focus and harness your creative skills. Keep your eye on the prize and nice things (and guys/gals) will come your way!



Lady luck is on your side this year – FINALLY! Feel free to take (calculated) risks, and put yourself out there and watch the magic happen right before your eyes.



Approach this year with a light and airy disposition. Instead of holding on to things from the past, letting them anchor you down, chill and just (as my driving instructor used to advise in regards to the wheel) let it go!



Often the imagery of a snowball collecting snow, and tumbling down a mountain side is used to describe an out of control situation. However, instead, I’d rather you, dear Scorpio, picture yourself as that snowball, rolling down the hill, gaining momentum, and adding to both your life and your network as you go! Look at you go!



2016 is the year you come into your own – and you’re totally owning it. Be yourself, unapologetically, and people will take notice. Especially this Spring – people are gonna want everything you’re offering – so be ready to dish it out to those who are worthy of your time.



You’ve spent most of your life up until this point really building up your skill set, and focusing in on your career. This is great – but – you must realize that there is more to life than work. Focus on yourself a bit, rediscover your interests, and take some time to treat yo’self. Worry less, and enjoy life more! It’s yours for the taking!



Take some advice from Nike and JUST DO IT. You want that job? Go out there and DO IT. You want to be happy? THEN JUST DO IT! You have a crush on that cute guy standing at the bar, JUST DO IT (at your own pace and with consent of course hehe).



With a new year comes your new open-minded perspective on life. Try new things, date new people, and go after what your ambitions with abandon! Be open, and these things will find their way to you!


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