Galentine’s Day Bingo!


Whether you’re single, betrothed, or completely against the entire capitalist Valentine’s Day agenda – one thing is certain – there is no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is a day for ladies to celebrate their friendships, perhaps dish on their latest romantic forays, curse love, and/or guzzle rosé bubbly. Whatever it is you choose to do, it’s a fun and fabulous excuse to get together with your gal pals and make some memories. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – so be sure to make some time in your calendar for you and your squad to share in some fine charcuterie. I’ve created a bingo card for you to make use of during your Galentine’s celebration. Each time something on the card happens, mark it off. First person to get BINGO? Well, you can come up with a glamorous prize, or you can just accept that as winner you will receive my undying respect – a priceless commodity. Enjoy your Galentine’s Day m’dears – YA YA!




  • B1 – Bottles are poppin’
  • B2 – Red pepper jelly makes an appearance
  • B3 – Someone says ‘Open another bottle!’
  • B4 – Someone brings cute homemade Valentine’s cards
  • B5 – A spontaneous dance party breaks out
  • I1 – Tinder tales
  • I2 – Someone says ‘Who needs a man!?’
  • I3 – A toast to the douchebags (à la Kanye West’s song Runaway)
  • I4 – Homemade facials happen
  • I5 – An impromptu pillow fight breaks out (you’ll be waiting eternity for that one, fool)
  • N1 – A toast to the assholes (à la Yeezus…)
  • N2 – All the chocolate gets eaten first
  • N3 – FREE SPACE!
  • N4 – There is an obligatory vegetable selection
  • N5 – Someone says ‘He doesn’t deserve you!’
  • G1 – Cheese is present and being fawned over
  • G2 – Someone says ‘I like being single!’
  • G3 – A toast to the scumbags (à la Mr. West…)
  • G4 – Tears are shed
  • G5 – Someone *swipes right*
  • O1 – An ex is mentioned
  • O2 – A secret confession is made
  • O3 – Someone proclaims ‘I love you girls!!!’
  • O4 – Sleepless in Seattle is screened
  • O5 – A funny and salacious story is shared



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