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NYFW #favouritelooksofyesterday

dion lee2

Dion Lee Look 1/Look 2/Look 3

New York Fashion Week is in full force, which means my dream expansion of my wardrobe is very carefully being planned as well. February 6th showcased some unbelievable apparel that I would die to get my hands on.

The first show that I really loved was Australian, Dion Lee’s. The girl sporting these minimalist duds is one cool chick. The subdued hues and all black everything looks were my favourite. Also the range of fabrications is something to marvel at. I would be more than happy to cuddle up in the super soft knits that look beyond cozy, but still very chic. The halter dresses and tops featuring a criss-crossed lattice of snakeskin were the perfect ratio of cool sophistication. One of my top looks from the collection was the all black leather pant ensemble finished off with a beau chapeau. It brought to mind an image of the independent Mattie Ross from True Grit, but instead of running around Texas, she’s in the Australian outback looking oh-so-stylish. Continue reading