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The Rêve Head Card Shop

IMG_2662Since I was a wee lass I’ve always loved making cards – birthdays, thank yous, get betters, kudos you did its – you name it, I crafted them. Since I enjoy making cards ever so much and find it necessary to have some sort of creative outlet, I figured why not share the love with you guys – so I started an Etsy shop! Huzzah! If you’re ever in need of a card, check out the shop at the top of the site, or send me a message if there’s something specific you’d like made! I would simply love to help you celebrate!

ALSO – If you’re ever in the Guelph area, I have some cards stocked at my pal Carolyn’s fantastic shop, OUTPOST Vintage+Thrift. This place is a one stop shop to treat yo’ self to the most amazing vintage finds you’ll ever lay your eyes on, gifts for pals, and a card to go with that gift 😉