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Summer Reading List Pt. 1


Apart from music festivals, pitchers of sangria, and my never-ending desire for new sandals, books are by far my biggest summer expenditure. The splurge tends to happen before heading up to my cottage in Algonquin Park (tower of magazines in tow, as well). Up North there is no electricity, meaning I go for days at a time sans texting, Instagram, Netflix, Facebook etc. Not only is it a great chance to unplug and unwind, but the opportunity arises to sit by the lake all day and devour an entire pile of books on my must-read list (as well as devour a pile of cheese and crackers, and not to mention my Scrabble opponents – cottage life is where it’s at yo). Sadly this summer I am missing the grand exodus to the great North, and will be city-bound for the season. No matter, my pile of new books just arrived from Amazon, and I’m ready to dive in – so without further ado  – I present to you Part 1 of my Summer Reading List.  Continue reading


Summer Reading So Far


School is fine and dandy, but good lord, does it ever interrupt your life. I regularly am unable to join in the reindeer games my friends partake in as I have too much studying etc. etc. to do. My monthly pile of magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, W, and Vogue) sit in a sad (but still stylish) little pile collecting dust, I may only get to look through each one ONCE before the next month arrives. As well, thanks to the time it takes to read and study my textbooks, my ‘reading for pleasure’ collection has grown, and I have yet to make a dent. Continue reading