Navy Seal of Approval


Since the age of 4, when a slick pair of strirrup pants were handed down to me, I’ve had a love for leather (or leather like) garments. These particular pantaloons were definitely not leather, and more of a shiny raincoat material, but still I was infatuated. In fact, upon further reflection it is possible I dreamt these pants up, but I have a distinct recollection of shedding tears over a coordinated black outfit, with hot pink roses, and a shiny, unknown material. Clearly a child of high-brow taste was I.

Leather has been in the spotlight for years now. Walking the ready-to-wear runways in the form of Rodarte’s Spring Summer 2013 lace-up, grommeted leather pants for the bad ass chicks out there, but also in more demure styles such as Erin Fetherston sweet pink leather jacket from the same season.

The catwalk is still playing frequent host to leather, but a new trend seems to be taking hold of both the world of ready-to-wear and fast fashion alike. Beautiful, supple, dreaaaammmmy navy leather. I keep coming across great navy patent leather shoes in my online shopping adventures. But upon further inspection, stylish A-Listers are taking notice, and the pre-fall collections are also featuring these sophisticated navy offerings.

A Polyvore search of “navy leather” yielded a surplus of apparel  that had me singing “I’m blue if I was green I would die” in loyal proclamation. And so the dream collection of navy leather goods was born. For a ladylike look there were very cute Rebecca Minkoff dresses and Drome pencil skirts. Then there were the sick navy leather jackets. As I continue my search for the perfect motorcycle jacket, these navy fabrications by Proenza Schouler, Nina Ricci, and Maison Martin Margiela will top my wish list. For arm candy my dream self looked no further than the Saint Laurent Classic Cabas leather carryall. Finally, and here’s where tears of longing may or may not have filled my eyes, I happened upon my favourite ankle boot du jour in that romantic navy I admire so fondly: the Chloé Susanna studded boot. Be still my beating heart.

Block Heel Ankle Boots / Skirt / Dress / Proenza Jacket / Nina Ricci Jacket / Margiela Jacket / Bag / Studded Ankle Boots

There’s something about this navy leather that speaks to my inner dark side. This hue offers something more mysterious than the classic black leather, while still giving the wearer the strong look they desire. Though I’ll still turn to black leather when feeling witchy or nostalgic, this midnight concoction stands alone.



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