Chic to a Tee



As a self-proclaimed cinephile and lover of fashion, awards season is like my Super Bowl. It combines three of my beloved passions: film, fashion, and fawning over celebrities. The red carpet offers the perfect opportunity for myself and like-minded individuals to look in on these glamorous occasions.

It’s easy to grow tired year after year, as each couch potato hour is logged viewing these broadcasts, most especially when the stars don’t shine quite as brightly as they could (yes, I have high expectations). I would take a Björk swan moment over a glittery prom number any day. Some celebs don tired, expected looks that are about as  fun as the often drawn on acceptance speeches they expel. That’s why when a celeb (whether you love, harbour luke-warm feelings, or inexplicable vendettas for them) amps up her red carpet game it is necessary to take pause.

Sure sweetheart necklines are sweet, and a strapless number will really accentuate a protruding décolletage, but a new and, let’s just say it, COOL neckline deserves many-a-props.

The 2014 season thus far has me applauding the gals that are sporting gowns with t-shirt necklines. Nothing is cooler or more timeless than a t-shirt, but when one of the greats has designed it in the most fabulous fabrics and luxurious hues, it really takes it to the next level. Taylor Swift’s glamourous Gucci Premiere gown with t-shirt inspired edges that she wore to the Grammys surely acted as the perfect glittery armour against any skeptics. Gretchen Mol’s J.Mendel, milky-white gown that she chose for the SAG Awards was a very chic hybrid of flowing drapery combined with a mesh tee torso. Sandra Bullock went all the way casual-chic in a graphic white t-shirt, paired with a beautiful Burberry pencil skirt at the BAFTA L.A. Awards Season Tea Party. Then there’s Emma  Watson whose dramatic  Golden Globes Dior Couture, backless red dress worn over skinny trousers left fashionistas truly impressed. Finally, my personal fave, was Cate Blanchett’s Lanvin, floor length t-shirt dress in jade green that she wore to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards . Not only is the rich colour, and elegantly cool cut of the dress flawless, but Cate the Great wow’s us again with her sleek styling à la leather belt, simple clutch, and glam orange lip.

Although the sparkle of diamonds is lovely, and a ruffle here or there isn’t necessarily the making of fashion roadkill, but a more simplistic, modern take on glam is what really rules the red carpet.



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