I liked them first…


Via Suuns Band Tumblr

There comes a time in every (semi) young girl’s life that a song/band/whatever you think you heard about first, very cleverly gets picked up in a commercial and you think, “Oh no, the secret’s out”.

In actuality you are more often than not ENTIRELY late to the party already so to speak, and were just lucky enough to happen upon such glorious ear candy. God bless the random chance encounters with these sweet beats that will forever more delight us.

Today, I speak of an amazing band I came across this summer: SuunsI had been watching a trailer on YouTube that had an amazing song playing in it, and after much Google searching and misdiagnoses I discovered the coveted song playing in those few short minutes as one by Suuns. I believe this chance encounter to have been pure kismet. Not only is the band Canadian, from the oh-so-cool city of Montreal, but their sound and talent is just so damn great I’ve never quite recovered. For the months of July and August I was the annoying girl at every social gathering who kept sneaking back to the iPod and monopolizing it to play the song 2020 from their album Images Du Futur. I doubt anyone minded, as the song is pretty rad.

Since then I had only heard their music once (outside of my earbuds) at a shwanky bar. But the other day I was watching T.V. and there, during a Nike Flyknit commercial, what vibrations were passed through my ear? Well, the hot sound of 2020 of course! “Nike”, I exclaimed, “Those smart bastards”! The song has this visceral quality to it that can only result in immediate head nodding, and body swaying. Your brain becomes determined to involve every possible neuron pulsing through your nervous system in the fun. Put simply, it really is awesome.

Here’s hoping this exposure in such a recognized ad campaign will cause more people to wise up and hop on the Suuns bandwagon. If you like dreamy beats, that are a little eerie and heavy then you should definitely wander on over to iTunes and treat yo’self to this fine musical offering.


Video Via Secretly Canadian


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