NYFW #catchup


Rodarte Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, sadly my blogging skills have not been (thanks to academic endeavours), so I’ve got some catching up to do.Over the past few days the cat walks of the Big Apple have really got my fashion spidey senses tingling.

Rodarte has long been one of my very favourite labels. Kate and Laura Mulleavy are true artists and I’ve always applauded them for being so bold in their inspiration. For Fall 2014, the Mulleavy sisters definitely delivered. It felt like their older collections, when things were quirky and in a way “arts and craftsy” (I mean this as a compliment, as they do it so well). Other than a few of the smocked dresses, and the drawstring high-waisted pants, I’m a huge fan of the collection.

I imagine going up into a parent’s attic some years after moving out and coming across pieces of clothing from your, your mother’s, and your grandmother’s past, and realizing “Hot damn, I could make some cool outfits with these”. My number one favourite look was the glittery burgundy parka. It’s too cool. It started my “geek chic” train of thought, which was then complimented by the Star Wars print gowns shown at the end. The bespeckled, beret-ed girls made me imagine a spacey girl in high school who was completely confident in her personal style and was really pulling off a unique style that was out of everyone else’s world. I’m not sure if this collection was a bit of a look into the girl’s past, but either way the clothes had a beloved and cherished feel to them.

timo weiland2

Timo Weiland Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

Timo Weiland’s collection was another favourite. I la-la-la-la loved it! The mixing of prints and sweet silhouettes have a place in any cool girl’s closet. Again, I felt a bit like I was geeking out as my eyes glazed over in adoration at the mix of lines, zig-zags and polka dots. I liked how the the variety of prints were also carried out in different pieces, both tops and bottoms. This means the wardrobe combinations are endless…how delightful! These are clothes that speak for themselves, all the wearer has to do is throw them on, and walk with the swagger of someone who knows how cool they look.

Outsiders 2_edited-1

Band of Outsiders Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 / Look 6

Sweet Lord above, the Band of Outsiders’ collection is amazing. I literally hold a special place in my heart for each and every piece of clothing. Full of whit and whimsy, with a perfection palette and selection/combination of prints, this collection was truly distinct. As well, there are so many pieces, and so many perfectly styled looks, a girl could get dizzy just thinking of the different ways to wear the garments.

I’m starting to realize a theme of the last 3 collections I’ve talked about. The girl wearing Rodarte’s, Timo Weiland’s, and the Band of Outsiders’ collection is quite clever. She’s well read, she’s interested in art and film, and has a killer sense of humour. She’s got fashion credibility up the wazoo, hence why she can get away with wearing such unique pieces, and mixing and matching them. In my mind this is the girl I aspire to be, who is bolder in her presence and what she has to say.


Tibi Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

Okay, so the Tibi collection doesn’t exactly fit with the look of the last 3 collections I’ve discussed, but I’m swooning all the same. This collection is comprised of pieces that would be my dream uniform. I’m such a sucker for a monochromatic palette of greys, blacks and white, especially when they’re styled so chicly. Although my tastes can be varied and my opinions on style often conflicting, this collection completely encompasses my feelings towards true style. There is no look I love more than one that is simple and effortless, while at the same time being bold. If I could be a little less scatterbrained each morning when getting dressed (and if my wardrobe was better stocked/edited), this is what I would want to look like everyday. The outwear options are timeless and beautiful, but the way they’re styled (with bold hats, cuffed pants and enormous scarves) and cut (over-sized and boyfriend-y) make the looks unique and beyond cool.

So, by the end of this post I wouldn’t be shocked if you thought I was a little schizophrenic in my taste, I guess I am. But I think what ties these collections together in a way that makes sense outside of just my taste, is the type of “girl” the designers have conjured. One who is confident in herself and therefore her style. It just shows that you’re not tied to ONE type of style, or ONE look for the rest of your life. Depending on the day your personality can be a little different, and what better way to reflect this than how you dress? These clothes inspire me to be more Jekyll and Hyde in my fashion choices, because it’s just as important to keep yourself on your toes as it is to keep the rest of them guessing too.



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