Designer Deathmatch: Chanel vs. Victoria’s Secret Edition


Yesterday two Colosseum worthy fashion events took place – one in London, England; the other Salzberg, Austria. Now, I hate to pit two stylistically inclined contenders against one another, but the match up is just too perfect to ignore. In the picturesque hills of Salzberg, where visions of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer come to mind, Karl Lagerfeld presented his latest Métiers d’Art show – and it was absolutely exquisite. Meanwhile, in bustling (emphasis on bust) London, Victoria’s Secret put on their annual extravaganza ripe with glitter, feathers, and ab envy that will last us until next year. The two collections could not be more different: one’s demure, the other flashy, but both are equally highly anticipated events, and surprisingly – the design inspiration was rather similar.

Both collections spinning ornate fairy tales, albeit from different books, but equally enchanting inclinations. Many of Chanel’s beautiful gilded, embroidered, and perfectly tailored ensembles happen to have similarly matching Victoria’s Secret undergarment counterparts! Une coincidence?? Je ne sais pas! But it certainly makes for an exciting, and mildly amusing, designer deathmatch! Good morning Karl! Guten tag Angels!


The Classic B&W Combination


Chanel’s tailored white jacket, with feminine white accents and black trousers vs. Victoria’s Secret sheer white, embellished top, and black thigh-highs.


Ornate ‘Jacket’

Ornate Jacket

Chanel’s classic tweed jacket with embellishment, and suede lace-up boots vs. Victoria’s Secret gold wings (which obviously serve as an Angel’s jacket) and gilded lace-up boots.


All White Ensemble

All White

Chanel’s pretty white, tiered frock vs. Victoria Secret’s long, white, corset-skirt.


Red Trim and Flower Embroidery

BOA and Flower

Chanel’s boa-like red trim and embroidered flowers vs. Victoria’s Secret boa-like red trim and embroidered flowers *TWINNING*


All Black Everything


Chanel’s gorgeous and light black sheer dress vs. Victoria’s Secret high-collared, long, black dress


Black Over(not much else)coat


Chanel’s equal parts daring and chic black overcoat vs. Victoria’s Secret fierce black over-lingerie-cape


All Red Ensemble


Chanel’s floor-length red, embroidered coat vs. Victoria’s Secret all red, exotic ensemble




Chanel’s little, black, feathery sheer dress vs. Victoria’s Secret little, black, feathery sheer dress.





Header Image: W Magazine and ELLE





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