If Anybody Asks – We’re Just Stargazing


A new year has begun and with it we are given as fresh a slate as we’re ever going to get. The remaining line of dust that we’ve spent 2014 trying to sweep up, can now be swept under the rug so to speak. Forget those nagging neuroses and the to-do items that were never crossed off your list from the past year. You’ve been granted a fresh, gleaming strand of another 365 days to have a go at! 

Personally 2014 wasn’t quite as fruitful as I had hoped, so I’m betting all my lunch money on 2015 as the year to beat. For those of you in the same boat as me, looking for something to change or peak our interest this year, I have a good feeling. I think it’s time to take our mother’s childhood advice – that the universe is our playground – to heart. No obstacle too obtrusive, no idea too bright, and no limit to the number of incredibly bright ideas we may generate in any given moment.

In light of these heavy thoughts I’m having about the universe, I’m thinking it’s time to take things down a notch, and instead explore a fresh coat of cosmic-inspired nail polish to match this starry new year upon us.

I’m a bit of a magpie, so when I happened upon Deborah Lippmann’s Magic Carpet Ride in Sephora, I simply couldn’t look away. I put a light coat or two on top of my black Essie nail polish called Licorice, so if I ever need to escape to another universe, all I have to do is stare into one of the 10 glittery galaxies at the tip of each of my fingers.

Nothing like a shimmery DIY manicure to brighten up a desolate, icy cold winter day, or add a lil somethin’ somethin’ to your endless uniform of wooly sweaters.

As I finish this obscure post, I shall leave you with a fortune cookie version of your horoscope for the upcoming year.


You will be granted 2 out of 3 of your most cherished wishes – choose wisely.


Look out for those thorns, honey.


It’s never too late to track down that long, lost, favourite sweater.


Good things will come from the macarena.


Lay low. They’re out to get you!


I know you think that that colour is YOUR colour, but it’s time to try something new.


Count to 5. Smile. And just forget about it.


It’s gonna happen on the 3rd (the 3rd of what you ask? you’ll just have to wait and see!)


Cut out leafy greens and your life will improve.


Give a stranger your number. But not your real number. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


Stick to clear liquids my friend.


Order a pizza April 6th, sit back, and watch as it unfolds..

You’re welcome!



Constellation embroidery ℅ Outpost Vintage + Thirft


3 responses to “If Anybody Asks – We’re Just Stargazing

  1. love this post xx
    just followed, would be much appreciated if you followed back ❤

  2. Great writing and I love the idea of layering your nail polish! Inspiring!

  3. Beautiful manicure!

    xo, Sheryl

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