Pride with a Capital P


As we embark on a weekend in our fair city, Toronto, that is dedicated to celebrating Pride and its community, there is extra cause for euphoria, as our southern neighbours (better known as Murica) have added a gleaming point of Pride to their history.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the fundamental right to marry may now be exercised by any and all individuals in the country – ‘any two people’. I can’t possibly begin to understand the profound significance this decision has on a personal level for those of same-sex couples who were denied such equality and dignity in the past – but I can definitely celebrate the magnitude of the positive power this ruling will have on progress in the community, as well as the actual purpose it will bestow upon the word ‘equality’, in that now – as the term implies – marriage is finally something anyone and everyone can have. Equal rights, y’all.

The final paragraph of the ruling was particularly stirring, so if you want to start your Pride Weekend with chills, give it a read, find other articles that emphasize what Pride is now about (such as this eloquent contribution to the Globe and Mail by Alan Cumming) and do some research on the topic.

A very happy Pride to all!


One response to “Pride with a Capital P

  1. I’m all goose-bumpy! Those Muricans needed a moment like,this to stand tall again!

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