Summer Resolutions


Typically the beginning of the year is considered the appropriate time to construct a list of resolutions, and the summer is the time of year to construct a bucket list. But, come January 1st I tend to be stressed out enough with the suspense of the year ahead, and don’t need a list of resolutions to add to the angst. Then in the summer I find a bucket list creates the same type of pressure – the pressure to fulfill expectations, keep busy, and have so much fun all the time yay! Not that I don’t perform well under pressure, but I’m perfectly content to set personal intentions, and partake in fun summer activities at my own leisure. So this summer I’m setting seasonal resolutions (shorter time frame, less pressure/probability of failure), and just letting the bucket fill as it goes (no list required).


Note: I plan to keep things simple, and the bar low. Feel free to follow suit.

  • Sleep in less. Get more done.
  • Spend less time watching re-runs (you already know who Ross ends up with), and more time devouring your summer reading list.
  • Find excuses to go for a walk (such as, go buy ice cream).
  • Cut your losses, avoid getting an embarrassing crustacean level sun burn, and JUST WEAR SPF ERRYDAY!
  • As Lululemon-Confucius say: sweat once a day (not from humidity, but from actual, intentional physical activity). Remember: sweat is your fat crying!
  • Stretch it out in the morning, and before bed (not your jeans, your body).
  • Drink a lil less rosé and a lot more H2O (reap the benefits of glowing skin, and avoid the horror that is a kidney stone or gruelling hangover).
  • Come out from beneath your feather duvet, and go to the park, the nearest art gallery, the hot dog vendor up the street, or set a spontaneous Tinder date..anything really! Just get out!
  • Never stop drinking kombucha and eating avocados (in fact, increase consumption) and never fool yourself into buying peanut butter again. It’s officially public enemy No. 1.
  • Make a habit of buying veggies from farmer’s markets. Not only is the produce fresh, local and cheaper than *THE MAN’S* veg, but surely you will find some cute, local eye-candy as well.
  • Instead of watching the same old rom-coms over and over again, actually tackle your ever-expanding movie list, which is now well into the triple digits. Your attention span may be short, but so is life.
  • If you’re having a hard time fulfilling any of these resolutions, I will conclude with this final resolution:
    • spend more time with your pals and la familia (Ma, Pa, and lil bro – not the drug cartel). You can recruit them (again, not the cartel…) to help you stick to your summer pledge, and have oodles of fun while you’re at it.


Now – go forth and conquer summer 2015!



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