25¢ Horoscopes

IMG_2866Give me a quarter, I’ll tell you your fortune, I love quarters, give me one! That phrase, which came straight from the mouth of the coin gypsy machine at the theatre, was perhaps my very favourite fit-of-giggles phrase growing up. To think, for just 25 cents you could be told what your future held. Times were much simpler then. Instead of losing all our quarters to an electronic clairvoyant, we now turn to the stars, the zodiac, in hopes of catching a glimpse of what’s to come. I’m not sure how much faith I actually put into horoscopes, but it’s nice to start the month with some focus, whether it be a pile of codswallop or not. Perhaps it’s all B.S., but maybe if you read that the month of July is your month to be lucky-in-love, you’ll approach the next 31 days with a more open heart. The case of the positive self-fulfilling prophecy. In case you’re too busy to put good vibes out into the universe, I’ll do it for you. Here’s what the stars have written for you this summer. 




You’re going to be surrounded by many possible suitors. Must be nice! Perhaps try someone outside of your ‘usual type’ on for size.



Adventure lies ahead. If none of your pals seem to be in the mood to follow, not to worry. Set out on your own and the rest will fall into place.



You’re not feeling particularly basic and would rather stand out. Go to the park, join in on the drum circle, and become a member of this band of outsiders.



Feed your ambition by setting some big goals for yourself. Have faith in all that you can do, which is anything dahling!



Try to be more open-minded this summer – it will make for interesting experiences and conversations with like-minded people.



Now’s the time to release your inner seductress. There’s no harm in doing a little (or a lot) of flirting!



You may tend to act like a tough cookie, but people will respond well to you revealing your softer side. Be like the icing in the Oreo, my dear, and good things will follow.



Indulge in fewer pizza slices and fries, and instead opt for healthier options – the benefits will be worth the yearning for junk. Time to learn a lesson in self-control.



No more hermitting for you, my friend. Let your hair down, and have a wild ‘n fun summer! It is your destiny.



You’re in the driver’s seat and ready to call all the shots. Don’t worry about being headstrong, but do look out for and avoid any drama around you.



Spend more time with folks in your neighbourhood. Perhaps start a running group? Or a softball league? Or assemble a group of pub crawlers? Whatever it is – these are your people.



You’re typically a one-date-at-a-time type of gal, but it’s time to change your ways. Play the field a little – it can’t hurt to throw the net a little wider.

Thank you! And please, come again!


Sources: mubi.com, etsy.com, blog.freepeople.com


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