Style Guide: The Choker


An air of nostalgia? A good dose of edge? Yet, still overall chic? Not always an easy order to fill. In fact, achieving the perfect balance of all three components is quite tricky and surely would take a good amount of time spent standing in front of your wardrobe and praying you have A Beautiful Mind moment – when the right combination just jumps out at you. Or – you could make things real easy for yourself and just start wearing chokers. A choker may in fact be the most perfect accessory (though not for the faint of heart). Not only does it instantly take your look to je ne sais quoi level, but it ensures your status as one sophisticated, bad ass bitch. 


The Inspiration


The evolution of the choker is absolutely fascinating to chart. The demure, dainty, and often frilly choker of the 1700’s was worn frequently by the likes of Marie Antoinette (at least according to Sofia Coppola…). By the 90’s and 00’s chokers were saturating all realms of the market – any girl between the ages of 5 and 45 could be found wearing the stretch tattoo choker, or a nod to the gothic with a velvet choker. Now, in 2016, all types can be found clasped tightly around its owner’s neck. Thin, simple, velvet, ribbon, or leather – whatever choker you choose – they all look cool.


The Runway


It’s not, like, breaking news that the choker is ‘in’ – it’s always been around, and has been making a steady comeback for quite a few seasons now. But the fact that the Fall/Winter 2016 Runways had a choker accessory featured on pretty much every other collection proves the choker is still very relevant. There were the more demure offerings – Babyghost’s thin chain, Balmain’s adorned liquid metallic, and Lanvin’s bejewelled choker. And then there were the harder, more gothic options – Alexander Wang’s belt-like choker, Wendy Nichol’s leather, and Fenty x Puma’s thin gothic option, cross included. Finally, Chromat and Fenty x Puma offered an athletic spin on the classic choker with a nod to activewear. Unfortunately I am not a bonafide trend forecaster, so I can’t give you a bonafide answer as to why the choker is so prevalent – but I’d like to think it’s a bit of feminist statement. That women can be powerful, strong, edgy, sexy, and feminine all in one beautiful, package.


The Look

CHOKER LOOK_edited-1

Whatever your style – sweet, sassy, or total bad ass – there’s a choker out there for you. I’m personally partial to those that are witchy or slightly western inspired – or vampire cowboy chic as I like to call it.

Goldeen, Heart Choker, $25.00

Wendy Nichol, Leather + Sterling Silver Choker, $285.00

Bully Boy Lingerie, Leather Choker, $55.00

Luv Aj, Diamond Kite Choker, $149.00

Child of Wild, Baby Wrap Necklace, $40.00




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