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Hot Child in the Sochi


I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics. As a Canadian these are the sports I loved to watch and participate in growing up, and this holds true today.

My interest in snowboarding started after watching Ross Rebagliati compete in Nagano. I even wrote a grade 4 haiku about it at the time. I’m in awe of all the athletes who compete, and am truly blown away by their skills. And nothing is more exciting or fun than watching Team Canada compete in a gold medal hockey game (or any game for that matter). I was up and at ’em yesterday morning at 6:50 a.m., Tims in one hand, caesar in the other. It may be the most Canadian thing I’ve ever done (other than the constant utterances of “sorry”).

Yes, obviously, the talent, speed, and strength displayed by our Olympians is jaw-dropping, but another thing that keeps me viewing, is our extremely handsome team. Let me name a few of my faves… Continue reading