Hot Child in the Sochi


I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics. As a Canadian these are the sports I loved to watch and participate in growing up, and this holds true today.

My interest in snowboarding started after watching Ross Rebagliati compete in Nagano. I even wrote a grade 4 haiku about it at the time. I’m in awe of all the athletes who compete, and am truly blown away by their skills. And nothing is more exciting or fun than watching Team Canada compete in a gold medal hockey game (or any game for that matter). I was up and at ’em yesterday morning at 6:50 a.m., Tims in one hand, caesar in the other. It may be the most Canadian thing I’ve ever done (other than the constant utterances of “sorry”).

Yes, obviously, the talent, speed, and strength displayed by our Olympians is jaw-dropping, but another thing that keeps me viewing, is our extremely handsome team. Let me name a few of my faves…


Mr. Crosby, you sir, are a fine specimen. Sid the Kid, also said to be the best hockey player in the world, is a truly great Canadian. He’s got so much heart, his smile makes me swoon, and when he gets one of his famous sneaky goals my heart is sent all a flutter.

Denny Morrison Gold Medal Olympic Team Pursuit Don Denton_Black_Press

Now I must admit, I didn’t know who Denny Morrison was until last week, but I feel like I was really missing out. Not only is he a gold (and silver and bronze) decorated athlete, but my-god, the man’s dimples and crooked little smile are too precious. This Olympic speedskater is beyond adorable. When he was speaking with the CBC about his journey to Sochi, my roommate and I were silent at first, and then looked at each other, eyes wide, and were like, “Okay, this guy is toooo much”. Certifiable hottie right there.


Do I even have to explain the smoking hotness of the freestyle skiing Matt Margetts??? No medals yet, but his performance at Sochi seems to suggest a golden future. Great smile: check. Holy jaw line: check. Lucious locks? I mean come on. Google this guy and I challenge you to not develop a crush.


This gentleman right here is kinnnnnd of the epitome of man. I mean, his looks are reminiscent of a viking. Justin Kripps, a Canadian bobsledder, went into this year’s Games with a lot of anticipation on his (extremely muscular) shoulders. Unfortunately, his sled suffered a terrifying crash during their second heat. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get choked up (more than once) when he and his fellow vikings rose from their crashed vessel to leave the track. What can I say? Beard? Good. Long viking hair? Good. Strength of a God? Very good. Definitely a huge fan of the #beardmode those bobsledders have going on.


The final Canadian I’ll include on this list (though I could go on) is the amazing Jonathan Toews. An assistant captain on Team Canada, captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, and newly appointed Gold Medal Hottie…Jonathan Toews has got it going on (WHO SAYS THAT?!). I was more than happy he became the poster boy for Team Canada, as he’s incredibly easy on the eyes, has a great and classic Canadian hockey story, and is a fierce competitor on the ice. Eye candy extraordinaire.



Henrik Zetterberg, captain of the Detroit Red Wings and of Team Sweden, has been a longtime crush of mine, and is the reason I’m a Red Wings fan (so sue me Toronto..). He is a hybrid of Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal, andddd I kind of love the guy. He’s great to watch on the ice, not just because of his dreamy looks, but because he’s a spectacular athlete. The poor guy suffered a herniated disc in Sochi and had to have surgery on Friday. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

Finally, there’s my other favourite NHL heartthrob, Johnny Oduya (I most CERTAINLY do), the super handsome defenceman for the Chicago Blackhawks and Team Sweden. Last year his team won the Stanley Cup, and this year he was part of the silver-medal team at Sochi. Again, a fantastic athlete, and undeniably, really, ridiculously, good looking.

May visions of these hunks dance in your heads while you go through the impending Olympics withdrawal.

Greek God


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