MFW: The Clothing of My People


Gucci Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

Fashion “week” has moved on to the land of my ancestors, the Old Country as it were, Italy! Now, my family is not from Milan, they’re from Sulmona, meaning I must distantly be related to Ovid (this explains my way with words…HA!). I’m a very proud Italian: I love me some spaghetti, am a fan of opera, and am a loyal follower of the country’s many amazing designers.

Milan Fashion Week thus far has offered many beautiful collections for Fall 2014, but I think I’ll just focus on a handful of my favourites.

Frida Giannini has put forth a stunning collection for Gucci that gives a lovely nod to 60’s fashion. The palette of the collection is more reminiscent of a springtime garden, but the heavy fabrics and amazing outerwear is all Fall. My favourite little detail is the classic Gucci horsebit that was seen not only on the awesome reptiled boots, but also on an extremely adorable little black dress. I loved the monochromatic looks of mint, dusty pink, and burgundy, but also the animal-spotted dresses and coats. My three favourite pieces were the soft pink moto leather  jacket (add that to the list of dream leather jackets), the pink shearling fluffy coat (I hope these sheep-inspired pieces of outerwear never go out of style), and the jewel encrusted, leather dresses at the end of the show. Such cool pieces that still appeal to a modern woman, despite taking reference from another era. Any youth would be ready to quake in these getups.


Ports 1961 Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

Fiona Cibani presented such a sleeeeek and sophisticated Fall collection. Io amo!!! Yes, the entire collection was a combination of black, white, and grey, but so what, who cares?? These hues, tints, and shades are the best in the biz. Since a young age I knew, these were the “colours” to go to. The collection was super sexy with the use of leather, fur, and flowing sheers. This is also partly due to the masculinity of many of the garments: lots of button up, collared shirts, military inspired coats, and undone suspenders. The style and attitude of the entire collection had a beautiful ease to it that just makes you want to wear clothing like this everyday.


Prada Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 

Miuccia Prada has continued my education in the style of my people. It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that Italians know how to do sexy right, I must take note. Here’s a collection that if you looked at it all at once you wouldn’t see what I was talking about right away, but once you examine each look on it’s own, by golly, I think you’ll get it. I was head over heels for the looks featuring sheer slips topped with heavy jackets that had contrasting piping. Super sexy and brought to mind when Carrie Bradshaw was running off to meet Mr.Big at a hotel in a similar ensemble. I always love the crazy, deep, passionate colour schemes Miuccia uses in her design palette. It really gives drama and life to the clothes. She is the queen of “ugly chic”, which some may misunderstand, but I love. Conflicting prints, preppy oversized sweaters worn with feather boa trench coats, and dresses made entirely of what looks like bright red hair just make sense when walking on her runways. She makes you realize how important it is for women to be bold in how they dress, and even more importantly in how they live.


No. 21 Look 1 / Look  2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 / Look 6 / Look 7 

As they say in Milan, I am totally apeshit for for Alessandro Dell’Acqua‘s No. 21 Fall collection. For it, I die. I would like one of each garment, in my size (shoes included) sent to me immediately. All the looks were so cool and so eccentric, and just completely appealed to my quirky dark side. The collection seemed kind of grungy, kind of punky while at the same time giving off a sort of murky lavishness. Where do I begin?? The floral sequined pieces at the beginning (particularly that coat) were amazing. The sparkly, magpie accents throughout the collection added such interest to the pieces. The whole show was kind of heavy and dark, but was lightened up by the glittery accents, as well as with sheer and lacy materials. My favourites were each and every coat/sweater/cardigan. Hello cowhide coat? Are you there? It’s me Andrea. I want want want need need need these clothes. To me this collection was very unique and in the words of the girls in The Bling Ring, so chill. Easy and effortless, a little messy, but in the chicest of ways.

My close attention being spent on each Fall 2014 collection has taught me 3 things:

a) I really love clothes, of all kinds b) I need to learn some new words outside of cool, chic, and the forbidden EDGY c) I simply must be a part of this world one day.


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