Coveted Cut

blunt cutKylie / Noomi / Zanna

In terms of haircuts, I’ve always been mildly adventurous. No, I have never dyed my locks (unless spray painting it black to be Wednesday Addams counts), nor have I ever had a perm (I would probably look like a strange Italian poodle), but I’ve had my fair share of bold looks.

In grade 4, after being so deeply inspired by Posh Spice, I chopped my hair into the ever popular Girl Power Bob. I seriously thought I was the 10 year old spitting image of Victoria herself. In grade 6, just as my hair had grown long enough to be twisted into a bun, I decided to shock my classmates after Christmas break by styling my ‘do into a super short Winona Ryder inspired pixie cut. I think the boys were far too dumbfounded to tease me about it, which was a bonus. Due to that haircut taking a few years (including a prolonged pig-tail with bra-strap hairband phase) to grow out, I played it pretty safe through high school with Mary-Kate influenced cuts. My undergrad years proved to be a little more exciting, and I sported a sleek bob for the majority of those years. After growing that bob out (due to being an unemployed post-grad), I now have super long, super straight, pretty nondescript hair. But the urge to throw caution to the wind and make the cut is returning.

As much as I’ve enjoyed this renaissance of long long lonnngggg locks (top knot, and long side braid included), I want to go shorter A.S.A.P. Though I’d love to go pixie again, the cut that’s really appealing to me these days is the collarbone length, super blunt cut. When the highly stylish Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi cut her hair into a blunt bob 32 weeks ago (thank you Instagram) I took notice. When Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace was spotted next to Yeezus at the Givenchy Men’s show, I knew, this would be my next cut. But what really sealed the deal was when Kylie Jenner made the leap and chopped her mane off below the shoulders in a blunt, choppy cut of chic tresses. So sue me for not taking style tips from a magazine editor and edgy actress, and instead from the teen reality star, but dayum….this girl’s got a look all her own.

I’ve always been a huge proponent for no layers, and instead opting for one length. For me, this always makes the ends of my hair appear thicker and healthier for a longer time. And when this is done at collarbone length, it just looks so cool! I don’t know where, and I don’t know exactly when, but I will get this haircut, and it will look chic, so help me God!


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