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Meadham Kirchhoff Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

Ahhhhh a sweet vacation from school, sadly this means I have had my MacBook closed for the past 3 days…but upon starting it up and rushing to style.com to see the latest offerings from London Fashion Week, I realized I had been greatly missing out on a feast for the eyes. All through New York Fashion Week I just kept thinking “IS IT TIME FOR PARIS YET?!” and kind of forgot to anticipate London’s week…what a foolish lack of thought. Thus far London Fashion Week has shown amazing and truly unique collections that have me thinking outside of my typical monochromatic-minimalist comfort zone.

I was so excited to see what Meadham Kirchhoff had to show for Fall 2014. Ever since coming across the pairs’ Spring 2011 collection on The Style Rookie back in the day I always look forward to their shows. They’re always super fun and interesting, and very inspired. This season was no different, while being oh-so-pretty at the same time. The collection was apparently inspired by the concept of a little girl going into the attic and finding a bunch of vintage clothing. My imagination played off that idea, and imagined a young school girl going into her über-chic grandmother’s attic and coming across her collection of Chanel suits, school uniforms, vintage sleeping gowns, and shiny materials from her Studio 54 days. The collection was exciting, dreamy and above all else, playful.


Simone Rocha Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

The Simone Rocha Fall 2014 collection was just unbelievably cool with it’s Elizabethan-cum-Bad Ass Chick vibes. I loved the drama of the fashion. Many of the pieces played with volume with either full ruffles or ample skirts. The colour palette was very beautiful and rich,which complimented the luxe variety of textiles utilized. The styling, hair, and make-up all contributed to the rather edgy attitude of the girl wearing these clothes. I loved the marriage of the Golden Age with this more modern, and cool aesthetic. It’s these kinds of narratives that make for intriguing and absolutely beautiful clothes.


Mary Katrantzou Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 / Look 6

Mary Katrantzou‘s collection is definitely my favourite London show thus far. Every look is so strong and unique. I’ve always loved Katrantzou for her interesting silhouettes and mind-blowing digital prints, but this collection is very different from the others. No digital prints were used, and in their place were combinations of different fabrics (sewn together badges, metal, and silk)  as well as intricate and beautiful ornamentation (sequins, beading, and more metal!). I found the asymmetry in many of the skirts and dresses to be beautifully sophisticated, and loved all the glitter and sheen details the collection possessed. I can’t quite explain my logic here, but I think that if Joan of Arc was a girl living in 2014 and had a cool sense of style, this would be her kind of fashion, particularly the adorned apron style dresses and long flowing gowns. I suppose it has to do with equating such strong fashion statement clothing to being a modern-gal’s armour, as well as her voice. Every look was utterly stunning and had me zooming in on the garments, so I could fully appreciate each amazing detail. Katrantzou is a true artist whose creativity and skill doesn’t fall short of genius.

It’s refreshing to see collections that exhibit such unique perspectives on fashion and dressing today, but also to see designers push their own imaginations and talents to show us such innovative styles.


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