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Moonshine Memories


Certain sense experiences – smells, tastes, sights – can be associated with specific memories and allow waves of nostalgia to wash over us. If we were the leading character in a sitcom, it is during these moments that we’d stare thoughtfully into space and the show would cut to some sort of hazy memory from a not so distant past. When I smell pumpkin spice I think of autumn. When I smell orange and cloves I think of Christmas. And when I smell a delicious mixture of cocktails I think of summer. Summer is the season of sitting on the beach/patio/balcony of a friends’ with a nice, cold beverage in your hand. Now, excuse me while I pause to stare into the distance, and let my moonshine memories montage reel play out (recipes included). Continue reading

Style Icon: Leigh Lezark


Proof I’ve always been a dreamer: when I was in high school I somehow stumbled upon the The Misshapes website. I was totally obsessed and dreamed that I would one day make it there, to NYC, to party. It was (or at least it seemed to be) the absolute coolest ‘nightclub’ in the entire world. Every weekend they would throw a fête and take their amazing, signature Misshapes photos of each guest to post to their site (now compiled in a book). I was religious about checking the site after the weekend to scan through all the photos of the rad peeps and energetic atmosphere. They were polaroid-esque shots of stylish and interesting people/celebrities in front of a blank wall, or of the guest Dj (MADONNA!) or the wild dance floor. Lawd above, thinking back on it now I would have been in sheer bliss at one of these parties, tearing up the dance floor, and surely making a fool of myself, happy as a pig in mud. The parties were formed by a Dj collective consisting of Geordon Nicol, Greg Krelenstein, and one of my favourite style icons, Leigh Lezark. Continue reading