Style Icon: Leigh Lezark


Proof I’ve always been a dreamer: when I was in high school I somehow stumbled upon the The Misshapes website. I was totally obsessed and dreamed that I would one day make it there, to NYC, to party. It was (or at least it seemed to be) the absolute coolest ‘nightclub’ in the entire world. Every weekend they would throw a fête and take their amazing, signature Misshapes photos of each guest to post to their site (now compiled in a book). I was religious about checking the site after the weekend to scan through all the photos of the rad peeps and energetic atmosphere. They were polaroid-esque shots of stylish and interesting people/celebrities in front of a blank wall, or of the guest Dj (MADONNA!) or the wild dance floor. Lawd above, thinking back on it now I would have been in sheer bliss at one of these parties, tearing up the dance floor, and surely making a fool of myself, happy as a pig in mud. The parties were formed by a Dj collective consisting of Geordon Nicol, Greg Krelenstein, and one of my favourite style icons, Leigh Lezark.

The trio was (and still is) beyond cool in my mind. During the first couple of years (and every so often now) of University, when I’d be going out, I decided to channel Leigh’s cool persona. I love adopting “Party Persona’s” as I like to call them. Leigh is my go-to, though as of late I think the fictional character of Serena Van Der Woodsen of Gossip Girl is a good one if you’re needing to feel extra fabulous and confident. Leigh’s persona will make you feel very cool, very hip, essentially like you’re the shit.

Leigh’s style during the days of the Misshapes parties was spot on. I just completely idolized her. The only reason I ever started drinking vodka diet cokes was because my brother had told me YEAAARRRSSS ago that it was Leigh’s drink of choice. Sadly the club closed down in 2008, and my not quite yet 21 year old self (at the time) never had her Misshapes dream realized :*(. But just because the weekly parties had ended did not mean we had heard the last of Leigh.

In recent years her fashion sense has escalated to a look completely her own. She’s the queen of mixing it up. I wouldn’t be able to peg one specific look to the girl. The most I can categorize her style is to say she’s bold in her choices of colour, print, fabric, design, and volume. Always with a little edge, or intrigue, and either of the moment or completely ahead of the game. Her taste is just completely on point. Each time she appears on or BFA NYC her outfits continue to build her style credibility. I now see Leigh Dj-ing and attending the coolest runway shows, rubbing shoulders with the chicest of personalities (she’s pretty much besties with Karl Lagerfeld), and Dj-ing amazing parties and launches around the globe. This, my friends, is the definition of livin’ the life.

I have no doubt in my mind that Leigh Lezark’s style will continue to impress and inspire. Her look is flawless. All hits, no misses.

Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5 / Look 6 / Look 7 


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