H to T Knits

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Full Body Sweater

Looking through the Fall 2014 collections, lots of trends began to stand out:

  • Plaid, it ain’t going anywhere haters, sarrrrry
  • Bold prints
  • Oversized, statement outerwear (thank heavens)
  • Embellishments
  • Leopard Print
  • 60’s and 70’s inspiration

But one look that REALLY stood out in my mind was the head to toe sweater.

I first took notice in the Marc Jacobs show, when a few models came down the runway in a long, rib-knit, v-neck sweater, paired with matching rib-knit pants, and a slender rib-knit scarf around the neck. It was hard to tell where the sweater ended, and the model began. I don’t think many people can pull this look off, as it could look like an ill-fitted, bulky track suit. But hell, if you can work this cozy style, why not? These designers must practice meteorology on the side, as it seems as though they somehow anticipated this horrendously cold winter, polar vortex and all, and are now providing us with some beautiful and stylish options for keeping warm and cozy next fall/winter.

not for the faint of heart

Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 

The above looks are not for the average gal. It’s not necessarily that I don’t like the style, I just don’t think many people could pull it off, or that I would even attempt to wear them. I suspect you may have to have the physique of a runway model to make these looks appear chic. Although I love the Lanvin, jade green sweater dress, my hips would not be able to lie in this garment. And the Marc Jacobs and Céline looks, which are incredibly similar, could really look dumpy on the wrong person. The all-grey, loose fitting Sonia Rykiel outfit has the possibility of coming off as a very sloppy attempt at casual-chic off the runway.


Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 

These H to T sweater styles may be a little more forgiving to the wearer. Also, I think they’re more subtle in their all-over knit design. Where were these über cozy and chic pieces during the last few months when all I wanted to do was wrap myself in a blanket and claim it was a dress? The white Acne Studio sweater dress is super cool, and it seems as though it’s draping capabilities might work on those of us lacking model dimensions. Look 4, the Christophe Lemaire outfit, looks so unbelievably soft and light. My favourite aspect of this look are the knit leg warmers worn underneath the sweater dress, and over top of the leather booties. Look 1, the all grey Haider Ackermann outfit achieves a cooler, more effortless appearance than it’s Céline and Marc Jacobs counterparts. There’s just more ease to this look. My favourite cozy sweater look of the season were those offered by Stella McCartney (Look 2). These stylish sweater dresses a) will keep you cozy b) will give the wearer a warm, knitted hug all day and c) it has that same quirky style as the Céline coat from Fall 2013, which I essentially still die for and hope can one day own, even if it’s just to put in a glass case on display (it’s b-e-a-utiful!!!)

Although I am so over this winter, with its cold weather and dull days, if I have some cozy, knitted gettups to swaddle myself in next year, it might not be so bad.


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