Okay Baby, Let’s Go Dancing


Dance! Boogie! 

T.F.G.I.F! It’s the end of the week and I couldn’t be more pleased. To me that signifies an excuse to enjoy some d’fwine and d’fwance. Unfortunately this weekend I won’t be kicking up my heels, but I thought I’d paint you a picture of the typical evolution of my dance moves during an average night out.

My night starts out fairly slowly, getting ready, and getting into the groove of the evening (So sassy).

Sometimes for shits and gigs I may attempt to recreate this beautiful choreography on my apartment floor. A surefire way to collect all the dust bunnies.

Once we make it to the bar I tend to bust out my go-to, “I’m so chill, I’m so cool” (aren’t I just??) dance moves.

Depending on the music or just my mood in general, I may feel so inspired to attempt to dance like this (if the viewers are lucky…) (sidebar, this is actually amazing).

If I’ve had one too many shots of liquid courage, you may be privileged enough to witness this…

Post-bar I tend to want to continue the party, and this is when things get weird…

Well now you know, I’m a total weirdo, with excellent skills in the dance department. It was bound to be revealed at some point!

Enjoy your weekend, and please d’fwink and d’fwance responsibly!

Original Video Sources aka. My dance inspiration: The Bling Ring / Robin / Grimes / Soul Train / Time to Dance


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