Miu Miu Please and Thank You


Miu Miu Look 1 / Look 2 / Look 3 / Look 4 / Look 5

Italy FTW! When it comes to RTW, Miuccia Prada certainly knows what she’s doing!

I am totally loving on her Fall 2014 collection for Miu Miu. Looks 1 through to 5, no thank you. But looks 6 – 43, YES PLEASE! The show was absolutely adorable and full of intrigue.

There’s something about Miuccia that makes me want to follow her to the ends of the earth…I just trust her. I appreciate how she feels about fashion, how she doesn’t take it too seriously, her feminist perspective, her intellect, and her wit. So when I view a collection she’s designed, I’m biased into liking it, because I feel as though she wouldn’t mislead us ladies, that she knows what’s best. Sometimes it takes a little more convincing, but not with this Miu Miu show.

It just completely appealed to me. What first captured my attention was the cow spot, fluffy coats. They’re so chic, and look fabulous layered over the sweet Miu Miu dresses. Come to think of it, all the outerwear in this collection was top-notch. The oversized quilted anoraks, overcoats with geometric, primary colours, and PVC raincoats were all very interesting in their own right, and finished off the looks so nicely. Miu Miu is always infused with youth, and I think this collection did so with great ease. The girl wearing these clothes is a bit of a tomboy, hence the rain-gear and sporty jackets, but has a girly side to her as well, who could never ditch her mini-skirts, or sweet little dresses with beautiful sheen and lustre.

I’m having  a bit of a difficult time articulating exactly what it is that I like so much about this collection, and I think it’s because it’s less about the specific looks, and more about the overall attitude of this Miu Miu girl. She’s super quirky, with a unique perspective on fashion. Her ideas are a little kooky, but somehow the looks she pulls together just work. To dress this way, without looking over-thought, and have it come together in a harmonious outfit? Well that’s a feat.

Miuccia will always be the queen of dressing the odd-ball gal, who’s a bit geeky, certainly feminine, and whose tastes lie outside of the norm. This fresh perspective will always be one that I’m interested in seeing.


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